History Repeats Itself…

Many of you know I started Steve’s Popperblog a few years back as a flyfishing blog.  My readers enjoyed the content but as time moved on it became much more random and the content largely drifted away from its original theme.  It became a blog not only about flyfishing but also about geocaching, hiking, grilling, and camping. I came to realize that all of the activities have a common connection…they’re all done OUTSIDE.  Over the past few months I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to write a series of magazine articles highlighting fun outdoor pursuits for one of our local lifestyle publications but so far I haven’t made it past the editor’s receptionist.  Not being one that gives up easily, I began to try to think of other outlets.  The obvious solution evaded me for a bit but it finally hit me when something in my mind said “Dude, just start another blog”…and here we are.

This time I fully intend to let history repeat itself and drift way off my original theme now and again but, for the most part, you’ll find this blog dedicated largely to my favorite outdoor pursuits…and a little of whatever else grabs my attention.

So lets Get Out! and see what happens…

BTW, for those that are curious…yes, Steve’s Popperblog will continue, but I’ll be reigning that puppy back in to flyfishing so if that’s your gig, check it out…

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