Out With the Old and In With the New…


Time to tell 2012 goodbye and welcome 2013.  Now I could get all reflective about what a challenge 2012 has been and and how 2013 was going to be a fresh new start…just like everyone else and their brother does at the start of a new year…so I’m not going there.  I could wax poetic (did I really just say that?) about how I spent New Year’s Eve with family and friends…I did…but I’m not going there either.

What I really want to do is simply tell a story about what I did on New Year’s Eve and then on New Year’s Day…without being completely boring or sounding like that dreaded “What I Did Last Summer” essay that some elementary or middle school teacher always assigns to their students as soon as they return to school after summer break.

Lets start with New Year’s Eve – Out With the Old.  I’ve been off work since the Friday before Christmas.  While it sounds like I’ve had over a week to rest and relax, reality is far different.  We’ve been going and doing and visiting and working around the house and…and …and…almost non-stop the entire time.  Through it all we’ve spent very little time outside.  Heck, I’ve only had a hammock up once in the past three weeks!  Needless to say, I’ve been getting a serious case of the shack nasties…cabin fever as most call it.  Connie had to work New Year’s Eve and Ashley was planning to spend the day with her boyfriend, Jared and his family so that left me and Jenna to occupy ourselves.  Jenna had received a new pair or trekking poles for Christmas and was itching to try them out so we decided to get out and spend part of the day hiking.

Hiker Chik

Since we had a couple of other errands to run in the area we decided to go walk the fitness trail at our church.  The trail is an approximately 2.5 mile loop that circles the church building and parking lots but is only close enough to see the building or parking lots in just a few places.  We had previously walked the loop counterclockwise so this time we decided to reverse our direction.  It quickly became apparent we weren’t alone…

Trax 1

At least one of our fellow hikers was rather large…

Trax 2

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see them.  We walked the loop in about an hour and 15 minutes which included a bit of backtracking and detouring thanks to damage caused to the trail by trespassing local miscreants on ATVs and in 4WD trucks.  Surprisingly, there were very few tracks in or around the barrow pit mudhole.


OK, let me interject something here.  I have no problem at all with ATVs or 4WDs.  Riding trails and goin’ muddin’ is great fun but trespassing and tearing up someone else’s land just ain’t right.  Hopefully we can eventually get some berms built and cables up to take care of that little problem.

On to New Year’s Day – In With the New.  New Year’s tradition at our house calls for pork, black-eyed peas and greens.  I was put in charge of the pork.  Believe it or not we’ve only cooked on the Big Green Egg once or twice in the past three weeks, unlike our usual two or three times a week.  Connie picked up a nice pork loin at the grocery store the other day that was just begging to meet the Egg.  I rubbed it down with some Dizzy Dust, wrapped it up and let it sit in the fridge overnight…


Despite today’s crappy, gooey weather the pork finally had its chance to meet the Egg…


And about three hours later…


Seriously good eats!

And thats how I brought in the New Year.

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