Pizza Pizza…

OK, I know, the past few blog posts have been about Big Green Egg cooking…don’t worry, life looks like it may be calming down a little and hopefully we’ll be able to get out and about a little more in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, just read on…and maybe drool just a little.

Ashley is home from Young Harris this weekend and requested that we make pizza on the Big Green Egg one night while she’s here.  We knew we had a crazy weekend in store so we decided Sunday night after the Falcons-49ers game (tough loss Dirty Birds…just have to Rise Up again next year) might be our best opportunity.

We stopped at Publix on the way home from church to pick up the fixin’s that we still needed and after we finished a quick lunch I rode down to Fabiano’s, our favorite local pizza joint on the square in Newnan, to pick up a couple of dough balls for the crusts.  For some reason it never occurred to me that a pizzeria would sell the dough for their crusts.  Best part about them besides their flavor…the dough is made fresh…as in made fresh that day…

Dough Balls

We tend to keep our pizzas pretty simple for the most part…just crust, sauce, shredded mozzarella and some sort of meat.  Occasionally we’ll make Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) or buffalo chicken.  Once in a while we’ll add some onions or bell peppers if we’re feeling really adventurous.  Also, I’ll admit that we cheat a little and use an off the shelf sauce from the grocery store in addition to the dough ball…but hey, it works for us.  If you want to make your own sauce…go for it.  If you come up with a really great and simple sauce recipe…send me a copy, OK?

A little sauce…


A little cheese…


And a LOT of meat!


Pizza on the Egg is pretty simple.  I set the Egg up for indirect cooking with the plate setter legs up, cooking grid on top of the plate setter legs and a pizza stone on top of the grid.

Set Up

I’ve learned that a making the pizza on a piece of parchment paper and then sliding the whole thing from the pizza peel onto the pizza stone makes the transfer much easier.  You can leave the parchment paper under the pizza or slide it out after its cooked for a few minutes…doesn’t really matter.  Tonight, I went ahead and pulled the paper out…


Normally I like to cook my pizzas around 8 to 9 minutes at 500 degrees.  However, tonight my Egg was being a bit cranky didn’t want to get much above 425 even with the bottom draft door and dual function metal cap wide open.  Sounds like air flow is getting restricted again…time to break it down and clean all the ash out…should be a good project for this coming weekend.


Jenna had a friend over so we ended up making three pizzas…ground beef, ground beef and pepperoni and just pepperoni.  Since I wasn’t able to get the Egg as hot as I wanted the crusts weren’t quite as crisp and brown around the edges as I would have liked but they all tasted pretty darn good.  Apparently the girls agree…


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3 Responses to Pizza Pizza…

  1. griffinsgrub says:

    Good looking pie,Sir. Have you tried just taking the cap off the top if you are having problems achieving high heat? You might also have blockage on the charcoal grate. I used to use a metal skewer that I bent 90 degrees on the end to go in from the bottom vent and poke up through the holes in the charcoal grate to make sure none of them were blocked. I know use Thirdeye’s wiggle rod that I won at the Plano Eggfest (look under Playing with Fire and Smoke)


    • dppoppers says:

      I didn’t mention it but I pulled the cap off between the first and second pies. When I was having trouble getting past 425 with the cap wide open I pretty much knew what the problem was. It was too hot to rake out the ashes but I should have thought to tap the bottom of the grate with the ash tool. Its time for a cleanout anyway…


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