So Long Skunk!

That’s right, the skunk is gone for this year and it’s a huge relief. Its mid-March and I’ve only managed to get managed to get out to fish twice this year. Yeah, I know, sad. But that’s a different discussion altogether. I didn’t catch anything the first time out and even today I was beginning to wonder just how many trips it might take to get the skunk off till next year.

I wanted to go to the subdivision pond I spend a lot of time on but the wind was up here and I knew I’d spend more time trying to keep my kayak under control than I would fishing so I opted to go to the pond at my sister-in-law’s place. It’s a great little pond but last fall the neighbors cleared a bunch of timber in the upstream watershed. Now, every time it rains the pond muds up for several days because of the runoff. We got another good rain earlier this week so, sure enough, the pond was off color…very off color…as in looks like YooHoo drink off color…


I started out casting a black Stealth Bomber hoping that a bug that moves a lot of water might raise a fish or two. No dice, not even in this little cove where I’ve caught many fish…

My brother-in-law’s dog, Mabel, came out to help. I had to remind her that she’s a retriever and not a pointer…and at that point in time, there was nothing to retrieve. She eventually occupied herself by removing assorted sticks and limbs from the pond.

With nothing happening on the Stealth Bomber I switched to a little white micro-Clouser minnow and moved to the small but somewhat clearer pond across the driveway…
It only took a couple of casts to hook up with this little bream and the skunk was off.

No one ever said the first fish of the year had to be big, right? I managed to catch a couple more before it was time to head home and cook up some supper. No more skunk…I feel so much better now.

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