Back to the Pond

I really haven’t fished much this spring. Seems like we’ve been on the go almost constantly and when weren’t going and doing, the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated. I’m not sure what happened this weekend but all the pieces fell into place for me to go visit the pond for a little while. To top it off, conditions were almost perfect…warm and overcast.


The only way things could have been any better was if the wind would lay down a little bit. Fortunately the wind wasn’t constant but when it was on there almost were white caps on the water. Probably a good thing I was feeling lazy and decided against taking the kayak. I really didn’t feel like chasing it all over the pond instead of fishing.
All in all it was a good couple of hours. There were some good weed beds starting to grow around the edges of the pond…


And the bass were in the edges of the weeds where I thought they would be…


The bream were further out on a fairly shallow sandy bar and should be bedding about now. Caught a few good sized redbreasts and a couple of very nice bluegill.

Bream 1


Now I’ve got to get my Ride back in the water soon to be able to get to a few spots I just can’t get to fishing from the shoreline and put another bend in my rod…


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