A View from the Cache/A View from the Munzee

I have a fairly long commute to and from work every day which gives me plenty of time to listen to the radio, make faces at other drivers, talk to myself or just to think as I drive. As I was heading home one day last week I had what I thought was a great idea for a series of blog posts. So just what was this grand idea? Well, as many of you know I’m into Geocaching and a somewhat similar geo-location game called Munzee. Both games have taken me to some pretty neat places. Sometimes it’s a place with a great view and sometimes it’s just an interesting location. So why not pop up a very brief post every now and then with just a picture of the view or whatever is interesting about the location (not of the cache or Munzee location itself), and a very brief description that includes the name and general location of the cache or Munzee. What’s the point? Hopefully to get folks interested in either or both games by showing them some of the places they might go or interesting things they might see as they play.  Hey, its worth a shot, right?!

So lets get this ball rolling.

Phantom Rear

Munzee Name: Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, Pooler (near Savannah), Georgia. It’s not every day you get to look up the tailpipes of a Phantom F-4C fighter jet…

Phantom Front

Maybe the front end looks a little more familiar.

BTW, too my Savannah area friends…yeah, I know, I didn’t call or email to try to get together.  Was a round-trip day trip for work…10 hours driving for 2 hours of work…fun, fun…

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