Hello Saturday

Connie and the girls were off to hair appointments and running errands this morning. Noticing it was cool and overcast outside I decided to push back my to-do list for a little while and hit the pond for a couple of hours instead. Hey, sometimes fishing takes precedence, right? I didn’t see a much activity around the edge of the pond so I tied on a white Stealth Bomber and started searching. It didn’t take long to tie into a nice little bass. After a bit I noticed a little movement in this weedbed…

Weed Bed

I dropped the Stealth Bomber near where the motion had been, let it sit for a moment or two and then gave it a twitch. The result…

Weed Bass

Between fish, I had some company this morning. This water snake made a couple of trips back and forth across the pond while I was there. I never got quite close enough to be able to tell what sort of snake it was.


A couple of the ducks that frequent the pond left me some fly tying materials. Today’s score…some mallard flank feathers. Might have to use them for a Steve’s Illegal, a wet fly pattern I found a few years back that’s a killer for trout and bream…

Mallard Flank


A morning fishing for me just wouldn’t be complete without a little snafu or two. I’m still not sure how I managed this one today but I’m sure it took talent.

The girls are supposed to be out and about again next Saturday so I hope the conditions are a carbon copy of today…and maybe I could do without the snafu…

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