How is it?

How is it that a fish can tell when you’re not paying attention to what you should be paying attention to? How do they know when you have one hand busy with the paddle, slack in the line and your attention is on what’s happening with the paddle instead of what’s happening at the end of your tippet? I’ve always heard that Santa Clause knows when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. He’s even said to know when you’ve been bad or good…but these are freakin’ fish we’re talking about, not Santa Clause! I missed the first four strikes I had this afternoon because I was distracted and I have this sneaking suspicion the fish knew exactly what they were doing and they were teasing me.

I haven’t had the yak in the water since last fall, mostly because of weather and timing rather than lack of want. Weather even almost caused me to miss out again today. I was planning to get up early this morning, load the truck and head over to the pond but I woke up to rumbles of thunder and noticed it was raining a bit when I was coherent enough to take the dogs out. I wasn’t too concerned about the rain since it wasn’t pouring buckets but sitting in a kayak out in the open in a pond waving a graphite flyrod around isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do when there’s lightening about. With that in mind I decided to wait a while to see if the weather got better and took advantage of some unplanned free time to add a few new Munzees to the map in downtown Newnan and then have lunch with my mom.

By the time we finished lunch it was starting to look like the rain might be over for a while and there hadn’t been any thunder in a while. Since things were looking up I loaded up my yak and my gear and headed over to the pond.


I rigged up, pushed off and paddled over to one of my favorite stretches of shoreline.

Yak View

This is where the fish started messing with me. As I said earlier, I missed the first four before I put this one in the boat.

Bass 1
The next stop was a shallow cove near the top end of the pond. A creek channel winds its way through the cove and there are usually a few fish to be found in the bends and holes. Today was no exception.


As it turned out, the rain had only mostly stopped. There were a few more light showers during the afternoon but nothing hard enough to even be considered mildly annoying. Actually, it felt pretty good.

I cruised back over to the other side of the pond and began to work the edges of the weed beds. Once I figured out the bass were in the edges of the weeds and nearly every little pocket in the edges of the weeds would hold a fish it was game on. I spent the next two hours working a stretch of shoreline about two hundred yards long and lost count of how many bass I caught like this one or a little bigger…

Bass 2
Finally sometime around 4:00 the fish finally seemed to turn off and I decided to loads up and call it a day…a pretty darn good day.

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