Yes Dear…Butt…

It’s been a while since I smoked a pork butt on the Egg. Since we didn’t have big plans for the holiday weekend I decided it would be a good time for some homemade Q (that would be barbeque, as in pig…OINK!). We picked up a 6 1/2-pound pork butt from the grocery.  Since I got a bit of a late start I also picked up a container of Bad Byron’s Butt Rub instead of making my own. I’ve read plenty of good reviews about it so I figured we’d give it a try.  We also picked up a bottle of Stubb’s Original Barbeque sauce to try.  Turns out we made a good call on both.

Da Goods

To start off I rubbed the butt down with a thin layer of yellow mustard then gave it a good coat of the butt rub.


There was a pretty good bit of ash in the egg from recent cooks so it got a good cleaning a fresh load of charcoal with a generous helping of pecan wood chips mixed in.



Typically a pork butt will require between 1 ½ to 2 hours per pound to reach 195 degrees during a Low & Slow cook. For a 6 ½ pound piece of pork we’re talking roughly 10 to 12 hours. Add an hour or so to get the Egg lit, set up and temperature stabilized and then an hour or so to for the pork to rest after smoking and we’re talking about 12 to 14 hour process start to finish.

I fired up the Egg around 9:00 last night  and had it stabilized at 250 degrees (F) at the grid and the meat on by 10:00, ready for an overnight cook. The set-up was simple, indirect cook with a plate setter, legs-up with a drip pan beneath the grid and meat.


I also finally got a chance try out the dual-probe wireless remote thermometer that Connie and the girls gave me for my birthday and let it do what it was really made for.


Things went smoothly for the first couple of hours so I retired to my hammock out back for the night and tucked my remote thermometer unit in my ridgeline organizer. I gave the thermometer a quick check when I woke briefly around 3:30 and all was well. However, by the time I woke up again at 6:30 something was amiss. The Egg temp was down to 175 instead of around 250 where it should have been…not fun to wake up to a cook going south. I also had another problem to solve…I’d set high and low temperature alarms on the thermometer to let me know if the Egg got to hot or cooled too much…and it didn’t let me know. As I suspected, that issue simply turned out to be operator error. Maybe I should have read a little further in the instructions…but what fun is that?

Fortunately I was able to simply open the draft door and top vent a bit and get the temperature back up to where it should have been. Since we had company coming over in the afternoon to eat I knew I was up against a deadline and still had to let the butt rest a while and pull it before we could eat. Sooo, instead of stopping at 250 I ran the temp up to around 325 and let it go until the internal temp of the butt hit 200.


Once done, the butt was wrapped in a couple of layers of aluminum foil and popped into the insulated box in the kitchen (aka the oven) to rest for a hour or so before pulling it.  A little taste testing before lunch by the cook (ME!) revealed that the butt turned out just find despite the temperature problems and we were in for some seriously good eats!


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