Twenty Minute Top Quilt

Before we go any further…this top quilt is intended for car camping and back yard camping…not backpacking (although it will probably get stuffed down in the bottom of a pack later after its cut down a bit).

Jenna, my youngest daughter needed a warm weather top quilt. Her 5 oz Climashield TQ is just a bit too warm after the night time lows get over 55-60 degrees…about where we re now. I’ve been thinking about trying this idea with a poncho liner but haven’t had a chance to order one. Since we were planning to hang out tonight I decided to pick up a light fleece blanket from Target to try…


Construction was simple. Fold the blanket over about two inches and sew all the way across to create a channel. I couldn’t find my box of straight pins to pin it so I just eyeballed it. Turned out just fine…


Next, fold the blanket in half length-wise wrong-side out, match up th4 edges and sew another line of stitching along the edge. I sewed up about 28 inches, YMMV…


Next slide the drawcord through the channel, cinch if all up and tie it off. I just happened to have some lime green utility cord so I figured it might as well match…


Last step…turn it right side out and test…


Looks like it should work.

We’ll trim it down a bit down the road to reduce the weight and bulk but for hanging tonight in the backyard…it’ll work just fine.

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