I Had to Laugh…

I woke up way too early this morning, as in 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. early, instead of my usual 6:00ish. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a lot on my mind or if it’s because our cat Molly decided to take a walk on me from my knees to my chest and then plop herself down for a snooze. Whatever the reason I finally gave in, got up, took the dog out and picked up the newspaper. Once back inside I tried sleeping in my recliner for a bit but sleep still eluded me. I got up yet again and decided to look at the newspaper and find out what overnight calamity I might have missed. Hey, ‘if it bleeds, it leads’, even in the local paper, right?

Apparently, not too much happened in the world overnight, at least nothing that made its way to Newnan before the paper went to press. I wasn’t listed in the obits thankfully and the local arrest log was printed in the Thursday edition so the paper itself didn’t hold my attention for very long. Honestly, unless I’m fishing or hunting, there aren’t too many things that hold my attention at 6:00 in the morning anyway.

Being its Sunday, there were plenty of ads in the paper from our local retailers to try to convince me that there is something I need to rush out and buy. Based on the fact that every add in the stack except for the Publix ad had something about Dad or Father’s Day in big bold letters on the front and throughout, it would appear that Father’s Day is getting close. OK, I’ll admit, I have no idea which Sunday is Father’s day this year. I haven’t circled the date in red on our calendar or set a reminder on my phone or anything like that. I just go with the flow and enjoy it whenever it rolls around.

There was plenty of cool stuff for dads, especially in the ads from the electronics and sporting goods stores. If golf is your thing…you’re covered. Need a new gas grill or a nice charcoal grill…you’re good to go. Camping gear…yep. Smartphones…check. Guns…got ‘em. Ammo…sorry, out of stock. How about a new riding lawn mower…OK, thats way too close to yard work but riding beats pushing so we’ll let it slide.  If a new mega-screen TV is your thing, this weekend may be your best opportunity for a deal since the weekend after the Super Bowl. Personally, I’m not that much of a TV guy but if it came as part of a home theater with surround sound, a popcorn machine and drink dispenser, mood lighting and the back seat from my old ’76 Buick Riviera…I might go for that.

As I looked through the ads at some of the Father’s Day gift suggestions, I just had to laugh a little. I’m sure there are plenty of dads out there that like to get new clothes for Father’s Day but…a new tie…really?! Or how about that Norelco electric razor you always wanted? Come on, you didn’t buy the one that the snowman with the Burl Ives voice rides around on in the commercials at Christmas. And the items that gave me the biggest chuckle…Father’s Day Fragrances…yep that’s right, get dad a bottle of his favorite Polo or Ralph Lauren splash on…’For Men’ even. Pass. You’ve got to give retailers and their marketing folks credit for being creative though.

OK, before anyone gets their shorts in a bunch, keep in mind, this is all based solely on my tastes, likes and dislikes. YMMV.

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