Line Creek Revisited

The girls and I were planning to go hiking somewhere nearby this morning.  We were having trouble deciding between the trails at Cochran Mill Nature Center, Chattahoochee Bend State Park, McIntosh Reserve or at Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City.  All have great trails and all are relatively close to home.  In the end we decided on Line Creek simply because it’s free.  Hey, free is good, right?!

I got the girls up at 8:00, a completely unreasonable hour for Saturday morning as I’ve been told.  We were loaded up and out of the house by 9:15 or so and rolled into the parking lot at Line Creek shortly after.

Entrance Sign

There were several Munzees to be found near the trailhead and along the first couple miles of trail so we spent a little time looking for those as we hiked.   We ended up finding and capturing eight of the fifteen or sixteen that we looked for.  Unfortunately some were missing and some we just didn’t find at all.  No problem, it’s just part of the game…

No trip to Line Creek is complete without a stop at Mule Rock for a photo op…

At the Mule

And then it was on down the creek to the end of the trail, turn around, and back up the trail to the parking lot.


Someday we’re going to have to visit Line Creek just to go play in the creek and slide around on the rocks.  It’s not unusual to see folks playing in the water during the warmer months.


I really don’t like to use this blog to rant but occasionally I need to vent a little.  Can someone tell me why it’s so bloody difficult to take your trash back out with you when visit a place like Line Creek?!  There wasn’t a huge amount of trash everywhere but there was some and it was evident that most of it wasn’t something that was just put down and forgotten.  The LOADED Pull-Up tossed up under a bush 10 or 15 feet off the trail was pretty good evidence of that.  There’s a phrase that I’ve been taught since I was a kid and my kids know it well…”If you pack it in, pack it out.”  OK, I know that packing out that loaded Pull-Up wouldn’t exactly have been a pleasant thing to have to do but it wouldn’t have been too hard to put that sucker in a plastic bag and drop it in the trash barrel near the trailhead instead just tossing it up in the bushes beside the trail. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me all that much but it does, especially in a day and age that there are so many folks are so concerned about being ‘green’.

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