Wings With a Twist…

I really wasn’t planning on putting up a new post tonight.  We were just going to grill up some buffalo wings and cook some baked taters for supper…pretty routine for a Sunday evening.

A couple of weeks ago I’d noticed a post about Spicy Ranch Wings on Griffin’s Grub, a Big Green Egg blog by Jason Griffin.  Connie and I both thought they sounded good and that we should give them a try sometime.  Its been a while since we’ve grilled wings on the Egg and I made an executive decision that this weekend would be a good time to do it.

Connie picked up a big bag of wings at the store Saturday and we set a couple dozen out to thaw overnight.  I made up the marinade per Jason’s instructions this morning, poured it over the wings and set back them in the fridge for the day.

Once time to cook I drifted from Jason’s instructions a bit.  He cooked his wings direct on a raised grid.  I cooked mine indirect over a plate setter with the legs up and grid on top of the legs.  I have a bit better luck not burning wings by cooking them indirect.

Anyway…here are a few pics of the process…

Just gettin’ started here.  Notice the ranch mix powder on the wings?

Gettin StartedI flipped the wings, added some more ranch mix and some buffalo sauce (just Franks and butter) at around 40 minutes…

SaucedAfter another 20 minutes or so they were done and ready for the table…


So what was the verdict?  Like I said before, I didn’t intend to put up a blog post tonight but these wings were good and I mean darn good.  The ranch powder added a nice tangy twist to the flavor and they definitely made our ‘do again’ list.  Thanks for a winner Jason!

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2 Responses to Wings With a Twist…

  1. griffinsgrub says:

    Lookin’ real good. Glad you liked them. I like your addition of more ranch powder and some Buffalo sauce part way through. I cooked wings last night, but they were regular ole Buffalo style (didn’t have time to marinate them). Do you eat yours with Bleu cheese or ranch dressing?


    • dppoppers says:

      Jason, your comment about your wings not being all that spicy was what made me think about adding some more sauce part way through. The ranch powder was an after thought – I noticed there was some left in the shaker so I decided to use it up. Good call I think.

      Blue Cheese or ranch? Neither, we ate ’em straight up. Connie and the girls will add a bit of ranch sometimes but I like ’em without. Thanks again for the inspiration!


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