Hope and Joy…

I try to keep this blog fairly light hearted.  I’m usually fairly light hearted by nature so its usually not much of a stretch to do but there are rare occasions that it’s not so easy.  Today is one of those days.  Today’s been tough day for most in this country that are old enough to understand the events that unfolded 12 years ago.  Like it or not, its been on our minds most of the day.

However, when I got home this evening and took a look at Facebook, I noticed a link to a blog post by fellow YHC alum and artist John Trotter.  John had a chance to take a trip up to Young Harris today to visit campus and do a little painting.  John’s entire post is great but the last two paragraphs will speak volumes to YHC alumni and were just what I needed today.  Thanks John!

Here’s a link to his post at Paintmonkey Studios:  Hope and Joy


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