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You may remember from my recent post that Young Harris College recently started a new program to provide students with fun activities designed to get them out of their rooms in the residence halls and enjoy the outdoors both on-campus and in the area surrounding YHC.

This post is the first of series of guest posts about YHCOA written by YHC students. This entry was written by my own daughter, Ashley Davenport, who is a Biology major in her Junior year at YHC.


The latest event YHCOA hosted was the YHC Campus Campout. Students were invited to come enjoy food, bonfires, and camp out right here on campus. We weren’t sure how many people were planning on coming, so I began inviting people to hang up their hammocks and come enjoy the food. By the time the YHC Campout activities got started and the fires began burning, ten hammocks were hung in the gazebo across the lawn.

Gazebo Hammocks

With hammocks hung, a group of us headed over to join others around the fire pits set out on the sidewalk.

Fire Pits

It was s’mores time! The traditional graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and Hershey’s chocolate, along with Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Kit Kats lined the table. I personally like the traditional s’more with Hershey’s chocolate, but after making a Reeses s’more, I was hooked.

MarshmallowsCookin'Reeses Smore

As everyone was enjoying s’mores, we were treated to some entertainment. Each semester the greek theater organization, Delta Gamma, puts on a improv comedy show called Guerilla Theater. They decided to make a surprise appearance at the YHCOA campout and the next thirty minutes were spent wiping away tears from all of the laughter!

The most exciting part of the night was the Campout Cook-Off! We gathered around the table of cooking ingredients and listened to the rules: groups of three or four, five ingredients, thirty minutes. And we were off!

Cookoff 1cookoff 2

Now, I’m no cook, but who doesn’t like a little competition? So, my friend Melissa and I teamed up and got ready to cook! We topped a tortilla with sliced apples and bananas, and marshmallows and then wrapped it all up in aluminum foil to cook over the fire. After a few minutes of cooking, we took our concoction off the fire and drizzled it with caramel sauce and more marshmallows. As thirty minutes was up, everyone took their creations off the fires to be judged.

cookingCookoff entry

Before long the fires dwindled and the hour grew late, and it was time for bed. Those of us hanging out in the gazebo left to throw on some warmer clothes and grab blankets and sleeping bags. My suitemate and I arrived back at the gazebo to find a tenter had joined our ten hammocks. Kristin, the lone tent camper, was also our cook-off winner.

Hung Up

After finding our “sweet spots,” (aka: the place where the hammock doesn’t pinch my back!) the hammockers and lone tent camper began to drift off while talking about how fun the night was. With s’mores, a comedy show, and a cook-off, I’d call the YHCOA Campus Campout a success!

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4 Responses to YHC Campus Campout

  1. did anybody get Kristin to try a hammock?


  2. Marsha Lewis says:

    Welcome to life at YHC in the 70s….we ALWAYS gathered outdoors!!! Social interaction was often around a campfire (off campus) every weekend. We didn’t leave Young Harris on the weekends…we all stayed on campus and enjoyed college life and each other!


  3. Bill Carrier says:

    Your concept of getting students out of their rooms and enjoying life TOGETHER outside the classrooms is commendable! As an alumni of YHC ’76’, I encourage road trips with friends to explore the surrounding areas like the dam, Brasstown Bald, Duke and Desoto Falls for the beauty and experiences that COLLEGE LIFE gives you. These experiences will enhance your life and build LIFELONG FRIENDS I promise you!


    • mrbream says:

      I 100% agree Bill. Some of my fondest memories were of road trips with a carload of friends to Murphy to go to Pizza Hut or trips up to the top of Brasstown. Most of our closest friends now are the folks we were close to at YHC.


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