And Then I Changed My Mind…

I really wasn’t planning to write a blog post today. I went to the pond this morning and caught one little bass…nothing to write about really. I spent a little while running some errands with my mom and then shooting my new pellet rifle this afternoon…again, no major story there. I also cooked some wings on the Big Green Egg for supper and threw on some smoked venison sausage for lunches next week. I still didn’t think I had a story to tell until I bit into the wings…and then I changed my mind.

Wings and Sausages

OK, I’ve written about cooking wings on the BGE before…no big deal, right. But these were different. Not so much in the cooking method employed (raised, direct at 400) but in the flavor and heat level.

Early this morning I gave the raw wings a coating of ranch dressing mix (powder) then coated them again in the afternoon. When I begin to cook I cooked the wings for about 10 minutes on each side then began to baste them with the wing sauce. Here’s where things changed a bit. Normally I simply baste the wings in a mix of butter and Frank’s Red Hot…but I ran out of Frank’s. Soooo, I decided to supplement it with a generous splash of sriracha sauce. I’m not sure if that was a bad good idea, a good bad idea, both or neither. The wings had a very interesting flavor and I liked it. OK, I like sriracha, if you don’t, you probably won’t like these wings. While the flavor was quite interesting, the heat level kicked way up compared to Frank’s. I can tolerate a good bit of heat and these wings were well within my tolerance range. Had I made them for the family I can say without a doubt I’d be the only one eating more than one. Unfortunately the heat level in the wings made the Strawn’s IPA I had with supper go down a little too fast…but it was mighty good too.

Now about the smoked venison sausage…those are supposed to be for my lunch next week. Well, three of the links are anyway. I hope the rest make it…but I can’t make any promises. I had to test one tonight and now my lunch plans are on jeopardy. Yeah, they’re that good. The sausage was made by Dorminy’s Processing in Carnsville, Georgia from a deer my Uncle Robert killed last fall. Hope I can talk him out of some more.

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