Catch Two Fish And Call Me In the Morning…

For those that know me well and happen to believe in astrology, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I was born under a water sign (Hi, I’m an Aquarius. What’s your sign?). Throughout my lifetime I’ve spent a huge amount of time either on or in the water or taking part in some activity that involves water. Fishing, swimming, boating, tubing, rafting…I love water. When life is getting crazy I often find peace near water. Sometimes it’s by sitting next to a river or stream watching and listening to the water as it makes its way downhill toward the ocean. Sometimes it’s by sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and breathing in the salt air. Other times it’s by sitting on a pool float with a frosty frothy beverage in hand and just chillin’ or spending some time in my kayak with a flyrod in hand.

Water is my therapy and here lately I’ve needed some therapy. We recently ramped up a large complex project at work. It’s a project designed to be completed in 8 to 10 weeks but someone decided to compress the schedule to 4 to 5 weeks. Tasks that were designed to be completed in series are now being completed in parallel and guess who gets to do all the coordination? Fortunately it’s all coming together but it’s left me more than a little frazzled and short on sleep.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided it was time for some kayak-flyrod therapy. The pond I fish the most is loaded with 1 to 2 pound bass and they’re a blast to catch on a light rod. I grabbed my 2 wt rod, reel and the rest of my gear, loaded up my kayak and headed out.

Why is it that every time I string up my 2 wt flyrod the wind starts blowing? Yesterday was perfectly calm. I drove to the pond and unloaded my kayak without even a hint of a breeze in the air but as soon as I pulled my TFO 8 ft 2 wt rod out of its case the breeze started to stir. As I put the three sections together the wind kicked up a little more. By the time I had the reel locked in the reel seat and the line through the guides there were whitecaps rolling down the pond. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little…there weren’t any whitecaps…but it was a perfectly calm day before I pulled that rod out.

I was a little surprised to find the pond was a little over a foot low…very odd for this time of year, especially when we’ve had a good bit of rain lately. Good or bad, all the houses on the pond use pond water for irrigation, as does the subdivision golf course. Looks like they’ve been pumping a heck of a lot of water lately.


I paddled over to the rock pile in the middle of the pond that’s exposed when the water gets low to make a few casts but no luck. The afternoon sun was overhead so I figured I might do better of I hit the far side of the pond and found some shade. Good call. I found fish tight against the western shore of the pond, just inside the shade line. If you were fishing more than three of four feet from the shoreline and outside the shade you might as well have been fishing in a bathtub.

I picked up 8 or 10 bass in a couple of hours, all just about the same size.


Nothing big, nothing small, just solid fish that put a nice bend in my rod… I finally called it an afternoon, loaded up and headed out to pick up a pizza for supper. My hydro-therapy helped a lot…just what the doctor ordered. A little pizza therapy was icing on the cake.

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3 Responses to Catch Two Fish And Call Me In the Morning…

  1. blake says:

    perhaps you just got a wee bit more wind than some is all. “they” say (wife) i have too much wind, but i never notice it myself, unless perhaps i’m out on the kayak in dead calm air.


  2. blake says:

    nice fish btw, you lucky dawg! we’re a ways out yet for that sort o thing, though this early morn i heard peepers on the bottom of my hill in the wet area for the 1st time this year. i would admit i had the window all the way down in the car as it was warmer than usual, but it was a happy moment none the less. i love hearin them guys


  3. Wendy says:

    Yep, know what ya mean!! Give me water, fish a bonus, trails to.ride or walk.and I’m set physically and mentally!! Good-looking fish…I don’t know if I shld be happy for you or not!!


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