We eat a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They’re convenient, relatively easy to cook and there’s a lot of different ways one can cook them. Unfortunately, we get in a rut sometimes and end up doing a few things over and over until we get tired of it. We’re not quite there at the moment but based on past experience I can tell it’s coming soon. Usually when we start getting burned out on something I’ll begin searching for new things we can do…some different marinade, a different flavor rub or maybe even a whole different way of cooking chicken breasts altogether.

I was reading through Chris G’s “Nibble Me This” blog the other night when I ran across his April 22, 2014 “Favorite Grilled Chicken Marinade” entry. Needless to say it grabbed my interest right away. Chris uses buttermilk and non-fat Greek yogurt as a base for his marinade. I can remember my Grandma soaking deer meat in buttermilk prior to breading and frying it but I’ve never heard or thought of using buttermilk as a marinade base for grilling…and it intrigued me.

Last night I set a package of chicken breasts out to thaw and went about missing up the marinade, more or less by Chris’ recipe. This morning before heading to work I put the chicken and marinade in a gallon Zip-Loc bag and set it back in the fridge for the day. Once home I fired up the Egg, let it heat up and put the chicken on to cook.

About 20 minutes later the chicken was done and ready for the table.

So how was it? Gotta say it was pretty darn good. Had I taken the time to butterfly the chicken breasts last night (they were huge!) I’d bet they would have been even better with more surface area to adsorb the marinade. Looks like we’ve found another marinade to keep in the rotation. Sound alike we’re going to have to start keeping a small container of Greek yogurt and the fridge. And some buttermilk.

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2 Responses to Buttermilk

  1. griffinsgrub says:

    Very cool. I was looking at that recipe the other day and even printed it out, but have yet to try it. Moving it up on my list. We do soak our chicken in buttermilk (when we remember) overnight before we fry it,so why not make a marinade out of it?


    • mrbream says:

      Give it a try Jason. Hopefully we’ll have another chance in the next week or so. Might think about ‘tenderizing’ the chicken to help the marinade soak in a bit and add a bit of flavor.


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