Day 128 – Imaginary Worlds & Four Seasons at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Looking for something outside to do In-town? Maybe check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ “Imaginary Worlds” exhibit…

365 Atlanta Family

This year’s Imaginary Worlds is stupendous! The Atlanta Botanical Garden artists outdid themselves! We love the orangutans, the gorillas, the unicorn…my oldest picked the ogre as his favorite.  You can see him trying to make an ogre face, below. I’ll be honest, I just wasn’t captivated with the first characters that came out last year.  Call it a grumpy mood, or just a bad day, but they didn’t work for us.  This year brought new excitement, though! Even the lady in the water and the cobras seemed more vibrant.

After receiving our member’s postcard in the mail about the nine new characters, my boys were very excited to go.  I expected us to spend about an hour….but after three hours, I had to drag them, kicking and screaming, in order to miss rush hour traffic.  They both loved every minute! We loved the Imaginary Worlds map, too.  It was large and easy…

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