Chicken Marinade No. 37

It was time for a new chicken marinade. We’d used the buttermilk marinade I previously described several times and it time to move it down in the rotation and try something new. I spent a little quality time on Google looking for possibilities. I found a good candidate on, checked to make sure we had all the ingredients and then ran the ingredient list by ConnieLou and the girls. Everyone agreed that it was worthy of a try.

The recipe itself was called “Marinade for Chicken”. Not exactly a creative name but it sounded pretty tasty. According to the original recipe the marinade should be good for about 3 pounds of chicken. I only had about a pound of chicken cutlets to work with so I cut the recipe by half. Actually I could have cut it by half again and had plenty but instead I put some in a container and popped it in the fridge for next time. Since we’re not big salt users and since the Worchester and soy sauce both have a fair amount of salt in them I left out the additional salt that the recipe called for altogether. Also, based on a couple of comments I substituted apple cider vinegar for the red wine vinegar.

I put the chicken and marinade in a ZipLoc bag, sealed it up, squished it around to get the chicken good and coated and set it aside to let the marinade do its thing for a couple of hours. I cooked the chicken at about 350 degrees with a raised direct setup.

We tossed a few ears of corn on the Egg to go with the chix.


I let the corn cook a few minutes then tossed the chix on the grill.


ConnieLou made a pitcher of sweet tea and some broccoli while the chicks and corn cooked.


It all made for some fine eatin’. Think we’ve found another keeper…

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