Cape San Blas 2014 – It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times…

OK, I don’t think any vacation or break from everyday life could be considered ‘the worst of times’ but sometimes vacations come with challenges…and this one sure did.

We decided to take a short trip to the beach this year. ConnieLou found us a place to stay on Cape San Blas, Florida. We discovered the Cape San Blas/Port St. Joe/Mexico Beach area a few years back. The area is much more laid back than Panama City Beach, Destin, Gulf Shores and other destination towns further west along the Gulf Coast. There are no high-rise condos, no outlet malls, no go cart tracks or even any mini-golf courses…just the beach and a good dose of ‘Old Florida’.

Our plan was to get the oil changed in the car Wednesday morning, run a few last minute errands Wednesday afternoon, leave Thursday morning, spend Friday and Saturday chillin’ on the beach, eat out in the evenings and then head home late Sunday morning. I was hoping to fish a little bit but mainly I wanted to spend a lot of time playing in the ocean with the kids or doing as little as possible.

Everything went exactly according to plan, in a general sense, but the devil is in the details. We got the oil changed…along with buying four new tires, front brakes, rotors, a brake light and a fuel system service. $875 and a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth later the car was once again safe for the road. The trip down was as uneventful as a six-hour trip with four people and two dogs in a Honda Accord could be. We made a pit stop for the pups and a stop for lunch but all in all, it was smooth sailin’ on the new tires.

Car Pups

Friday and Saturday were spent playing in the surf or relaxing in a beach chair. I had hoped to flyfish a bit but the surf was rolling on the Gulf side of the peninsula and I was too lazy to find a spot over in the bay. As much as I love to fish, I was pretty content to chill on the beach and play in the water.

Girls and Pups

We try to make supper a bit of a treat while on vacation. This time around we decided on Indian Pass Raw Bar in Indian Pass, The Sand Bucket on Cape San Blas and Toucan’s in Mexico Beach. Click on the links to check out my Eat Out reviews. We did breakfast and lunch in the townhouse each day but changed that up on Saturday when I stumbled across Weber’s Little Donut Shop out on the cape and brought back some glazed croissants. Too bad we didn’t find Weber’s on Thursday!

Another little problem that would set the stage for our drive home cropped up Saturday morning as I was leaving Weber’s…the car air conditioning died. You do the math, late July, deep south, no AC, gonna be a lonnnng ride home…and it was. Too bad we didn’t have a wifi connection at the condo or at least a good 3G signal…the AC crisis might have been averted. Once home ConnieLou did a Google search which led to a couple of YouTube videos which led to a trip to a local auto parts store to pick a part which led to about 15 minutes spent elbow deep under the glove box cussing one of Honda’s designers that put the AC blower motor resistor up under there but also led to a revived car AC system.

Can we go back to the beach now?

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