Goin’ Topless…

Got your attention, didn’t I? OK, now get your minds out of the gutter. Nobody’s gettin’ nekkid on this blog. If you haven’t noticed it’s a family friendly place.

Not too long ago Jenna asked me why we never hung out in our hammocks when it was raining even though we always put our tarps up. For the most part that’s just the way things have worked out. I’m one of those folks that actually enjoys hearing rain on my tarp, as long as there’s no lightening or high wind involved. I’ve hung through both. More than once. Not fun.

On the other side of the coin is another question…why do we always hang our tarps up if there’s no rain in the forecast. I can think of three reasons, the first being to practice and become proficient in setting up your gear, day or night…yeah, sometimes we wait until dark to set up, even though it’s easier and more convenient do it while it’s still light out. Reasons two and three are dew and frost. Dew is always an issue here in the deep south. Well, except for the nights the temperatures get below freezing then we have to deal with frost. Waking up coated with either isn’t much fun and results in having to dry gear out for a while before it can be put away. However, every now and then we get a night or two when the humidity is low and the leaves on the trees keep the little bit of dew that we might get from making to the ground in our hangin’ spot out back.

This past weekend conditions were almost perfect for hangin’ out and goin’ topless…errr, tarpless. We hung up our hammocks early…


We waited until moon was high in the sky to climb in for a night’s sleep under the stars.


Too bad I didn’t have a camera capable of taking a good shot of the moon and stars through leaves and limbs. We woke up the next morning dew-free and able to see the sun peeking through the trees.

For some reason it took longer than usual to take our hammocks down, but I was able to get a nice shot of the fall leaves. Still haven’t quite figured out why it took so long to get our hammocks down…


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3 Responses to Goin’ Topless…

  1. jerseyorganic says:

    Found your blog doing reseach for upcoming trips- new to hammocking. Do you sleep in hammock together or two hammocks under one tarp?? Thanks!


    • mrbream says:

      You’ll find that sleeping two to a hammock doesn’t work terribly well for most folks (for adults anyway). Even though it has its own challenges, two hammocks under one tarp typically works much better. You can stack the hammocks (think bunk beds) or put them up side-by-side. If you get lucky and find three trees that make a narrow triangle. You might find that you need a somewhat larger tarp than you normally would. Feel free to give me a shout with questions.

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