View From The Cache – Hart Family Cemetery, College Park, Georgia

I had a little time to kill the other day before I could pick ConnieLou up from work so I decided to hunt a cache or three. As I was driving around the perimeter of the Atlanta airport, heading from one cache to another, I saw a sign at the side of the road that made me do a double-take. The sign read ‘Access to Hart Cemetery’. When I looked down the access road I could see a parking area, a few trees and a white picket fence. I guess I just wasn’t expecting to find a cemetery literally adjacent to the taxiway to the new, southern-most runway.

Cemeteries tend to be interesting places and I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately I’d already passed the access road by the time everything had sunk in so I went on to find the cache I was heading toward then doubled back. When I made it back I found a little hilltop cemetery that’s now almost completely surrounded by earthen berms and fencing separating it from the airport property.

4 - Airport

3 - Airport

According to the signboard at the edge of the parking lot the cemetery is owned by the Hart family. According to the sign, the first burial was that of the family matriarch, Ellender Hart, in August, 1860 and the most recent was in May, 1969.

1 - Sign

A paved walkway led up to the cemetery itself where I found a couple dozen graves dotting the hilltop along with a few old magnolia trees.

2 - Hilltop

6 - Markers

5 - Markers

The little cemetery is way off the beaten path but to my surprise bootprints in the dirt told me that it had been visited by someone else in recent days, at least since the last good rain…

7 - Bootprint

As I learned later that evening the cemetery is at the first stage of a multi-cache and so there’s a pretty good chance that the last visitor was also a geocacher.

Gotta love having a hobby that will get you off the beaten path to discover a little known place that you otherwise might have never knew existed.

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