Oaxacan Chicken Fajitas

I can’t remember the last time I posted anything Big Green Egg related on this blog. Honestly, we’ve been in a bit of a rut…burgers, boneless skinless chicken breasts and the occasional pizza have occupied the cooking grid more often than not lately. OK, there have also been some wings, baby backs and a Boston Butt or two…but nothing really ‘different’. It was time to change things up and two seemingly unrelated events came together to make that happen.

The first event occurred the week after Christmas. ConnieLou and I were in our local Home Depot store to buy some new blinds for our bedroom and I had received a HD gift card for Christmas that I needed to spend…no, not on blinds. I was actually planning to pick up that sack of coal that I had asked Santa to bring me. OK, maybe not exactly coal, but a sack of Royal Oak lump charcoal. While we were on the aisle with the charcoal and grill goodies I noticed a stainless steel grill pan on the shelf. At the time I was thinking we could use it to cook some fish and veggies. ConnieLou knew I wanted it so she told me to go ahead and get it…and I did.

The second event occurred last week when I received my monthly newsletter from Steven Raichlen’s Barbeque Bible website and saw his recipe for Oaxacan Pork Fajitas. The ingredient list for the marinade sounded good so I sent a link to ConnieLou to look at and mentally filed it away for future use,

The two events came together this weekend when ConnieLou gave me the task of coming up with something new to make for dinner one night this week. I knew we had some chicken in the freezer. I also had a pretty good idea that the marinade would work just as well on chicken as it would on pork . All we needed was a bell pepper, an onion, tortillas and some OJ and we were good to go. About then it occurred to me that I could cook it all in the grill pan on the Egg. A plan was coming together…

I worked from home today and got an early start so I was able to slice up the chicken and veggies and make up the marinade during a mid-afternoon work break while ConnieLou was off running a few errands. Once close to supper time I fired up the, dug the grill pan out of the grill box on the deck and got everything ready to go.

The veggies went on first…

Veggies Before

And cooked up nicely.

Veggies After

Then the chicken went on…

Chix Before

And cooked up equally nice.

Chix After

I wish I’d had a chance to take a photo of the finished product dressed up and on a plate but it disappeared before I could. I knew we had a winner when ConnieLou told me to make sure that I bookmarked the page or printed the recipe so we could make it again. In hind sight I did have one issue with this meal…I didn’t have a good Mexican cervesa to wash it down with. Bad planning on my part. Can’t let that happen again.

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