All About That Bass

No, not that kind of bass, this kind of bass


The weather was beautiful yesterday and I had planned on going fishing but I needed to finish up a yard project that I started last weekend. I knew the weather was going to crap out today and while fishing in the rain isn’t that big of a deal, doing yard work in the rain is a pain in the butt so I decided to wait. OK, yeah, I know, fishing should always take precedence over yard work but I needed to get this little project wrapped up before it dragged on another week or three.

I wasn’t surprised to wake up to a rainy morning. As I looked at the weather radar on my laptop it appeared that we might get a little break sometime during the early afternoon. I kept an eye on the radar picture and the sky and as soon as the rain started to slack off I headed for the pond.

Gray Day

OK, so it’s still drizzly and about 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday but I figured I might still be able to find a fish or two. I started out trying a few of my favorite topwater bugs like Stealth Bombers , crease flies and a foam popper but got no interest. After half an hour or so, the rain picked up a bit to a heavy sprinkle so I ducked into the gazebo to wait it out. A look at the weather radar on my phone told me the next round of heavier rain was getting close. I thought about calling it a day and heading on home but I decided to change flies and fish a little longer instead. Since topwater wasn’t producing I decided to switch to a subsurface pattern and tied on a Cowen’s Something’ Else.

After a few minutes the rain slacked off a bit so I walked down the shoreline a bit and had only made a few casts before got a solid bite and hooked up. A few minutes later this nice bass came to hand for its photo op and was released.

That Bass

Shortly after the rain picked up again just as expected so I decided to pack it up and call it an afternoon.

BTW, if you like Meghan Trainor’s version of “All About That Bass”, and even if you don’t, check out Kate Davis’ cover here:

I kinda dig it…

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