It Wasn’t Just a Fluke…

Go ahead and call me a heretic. We might as well get it out of the way because we all know you’re going to sooner or later. Those that were readers of my old blog might know what I’m talking about but for my newer readers, here’s the deal. A few years back I was reading an entry on Randy ‘the River Pirate’ Vining’s about casting soft plastic bass lures on a flyrod, specifically Zoom Bait Company’s ‘Fluke’ plastics, and I had to give it a try…so I did…and it worked! Then I wrote a blog entry myself and let’s just say it caused a little commotion. OK, maybe not a ‘the dead rising from the grave’ commotion but, a few folks voiced their opinion about the matter and about my sanity. To be honest, I didn’t argue either point too much and just went about my own business.

So what’s this got to do with anything? Don’t tell anyone but I’ve been at it again, just on a smaller scale…literally. You see, last time around I was casting a standard 4 inch Fluke on an 9 foot, 8 weight flyrod. They casted reasonably well but you had to remember to really open up your loop and incorporate a casting style commonly called ‘chuck & duck’. Not pretty but it worked. Well, I was talking to Randy again recently (hey, us heretics have to stick together) and he told he me was actually using a Super Fluke Jr. on a 7 weight. I started looking at Super Fluke Jr’s on the Bass Pro Shops website and noticed that they made an even smaller 3 inch version that I suspected might cast reasonably well on a 5 weight rod so I figured that I’d pick some up next time we were near a BPS store.


We were in Savannah over the weekend to take our youngest daughter Jenna to visit the Savannah College of Art and Design. We passed a BPS store in Macon on the way down and back but unfortunately it was closed. Fortunately there is a store in Savannah so we made a little side trip between our activities at SCAD and supper. I picked up a couple of packages of the 3 inch Tiny Flukes in colors that imitate a threadfin shad and a baby bass…



Randy rigs his flukes on a Gamakatsu Skip Gap hook.


I previously used a 3/0 hook with the 4 inch Fluke. The smallest Skip Gap hook that BPS has in stock was a 2/0. It looked a little big but would probably work.

It was overcast when I got out of bed this morning so figured it would be a good day to fish. We didn’t pull in from Savannah until about 3:00 this morning and I was moving a little slow once we got out of bed and started moving but I made it to the pond and was ready to slide my yak in the water by 2:00. Once rigged I had to make a couple of casts to see how the smaller Fluke would cast on the 5 weight rod. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually was a bit better than the bigger Fluke on my 8 weight. I still had to adjust my cast a little but not enough to be a problem. This little bass seemed to approve of the smaller bait…

Bass 1

Once actually on the water I paddled over to favorite stretch of shoreline. I picked up a couple of bass fairly quick and then got a surprise when this nice bream decided to join the fun…


I spent the next three hours catching bass like these…

Bass 2

Bass 3

…and tearing up nearly half a package of Tiny Flukes. Good thing they come in packages of 20.

So if you want to call me a heretic, go ahead. You won’t be hurting my feelings and I’ll be the one catching fish

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