View From the Cache – Towns County #4

I normally don’t tell a story with these ‘View From the Cache’ entries. The photos usually tell the whole story. However, this time around there’s more story to the story and I think it’s a story worth tellin’.

So here’s the deal. We were up in Young Harris over the weekend for the Alumni Weekend festivities at Young Harris College. I arrived Thursday afternoon before the shindig got started and Ashley was busy so I had some time to kill. So what did I do? Go cachin’ of course. There were a couple of new caches on and near the YHC campus so I decided to knock those off my list. One of the caches, named Towns County #4 took me to one of my favorite places in Young Harris, Cupid’s Falls. I found the cache, signed the log and like I’m prone to do, spent some time sitting on the old wall, watching the water flow over the rocks and contemplating the meaning of life and the universe.

Earlier today, while taking a look at Facebook, I noticed beautiful photo of Cupid’s taken by friend and fellow YHC alum Jeff Doke who was also in Young Harris over the weekend. When I asked Jeff for his permission to use his photo in this blog entry about geocaching I mentioned that it looked like he had taken the photo from a spot very near the cache’s hiding spot. As it turned out, the photo was taken just a few feet from the cache and Jeff’s son actually found the cache while they were there. I couldn’t help but laugh when Jeff told me that afterward his son checked for caches everywhere they went for the rest of the day. Hmmmm, maybe we have a young new cacher in our midst.

This evening Jeff sent me a couple of different versions of his photo to use and told me I could pick which. I couldn’t make a decision so y’all will just have to enjoy both too…



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3 Responses to View From the Cache – Towns County #4

  1. Muddy mum says:

    Looks wonderful, I’d love to have somewhere that looks so beautiful nearby, and with caches too – awesome!


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