The Same But Different…

Like most of the rest of the country, we found some time to fire up the grill this Memorial Day weekend and it was time for some wings. I asked ConnieLou and the girls if they wanted the same Buffalo-style wings we make most of the time or if they wanted something different. While I was waiting for an answer I noticed an advertisement on Facebook that contained a recipe for Sweet Dijon Barbeque marinade…


I forwarded a copy on to ConnieLou and the girls. I wasn’t too sure what sort of reception it would get but the general consensus was ‘It’s something different, but it sounds good…let’s give ‘em a try.

We picked up a package of wings and the two or three ingredients that we didn’t already have. I set some wings out to thaw and made up a batch of the marinade. Once thawed I tossed the wings and marinade in a Ziploc bag (ummm, soooo it was a faux Ziploc bag…y’all don’t tell the Ziploc folks, OK), flipped ‘em over a few times to spread the marinade around and put them in the fridge for a couple of hours…


As supper time approached, I fired up the Egg, got it stabilized around 400 and set it up with a plate setter for a raised, indirect cook. The wings went on for about an hour. At the half way point the wings got a flip and a pan of tots went into the oven.


Once done, the wings looked pretty enough…


But how did they taste? In general they went over well. There was no spice to speak of but that’s not unexpected. Personally I was a little underwhelmed. Next time I’ll reserve a bit of the marinade so I can give them a splash just before they’re done. Also, it didn’t help that I got them a little over done. Of course that just means I need to cook wings more often…got to practice and keep those skills sharp, right?

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2 Responses to The Same But Different…

  1. minersmix says:

    Well, they LOOK great!


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