A Quick History of Walasi-Yi

So how many of you have driven up Hwy 129 from Cleveland, GA, to Blairsville and noticed the old stone building on the right at Neel Gap? Back in the mid 80s when I was a student at Young Harris College I passed by on trips to home and back. I knew the building housed a small hiker store but never knew much else about it until just a few years ago. The folks at Mountain Crossings have given us a little lesson in its history. Check it out!

Mountain Crossings at Neel Gap

Here at Mountain Crossings we answer a lot of customer questions about the history behind our shop. Its just the kind of place that seeps interesting tales and makes you wonder. For all those of you who are history buffs, this ones for you!

The building that stands nestled in Neel Gap is iconic in the state of Georgia and has a very colorful history to it that goes back long before white settlers came into the area. The Cherokee Indians were the first to settle the area. A small village formed just south of the gap, which they called Walasi-Yi, meaning home of the great frog. In 1883, the Cherokee inhabitants were forcibly removed during the tragic Trail of Tears and nothing remains of the village besides the name Frogtown Gap.

sites_vogel A tiny picture of Augustus Vogel and Fred Vogel Jr. who donated the land.

Several decade later, the parcel of land…

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