Yet More Wings…The Third Time’s the Charm!

If you’ve read my other two wings posts over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that our quest to find a new or different marinade or sauce recipe for wings hasn’t exactly met with resounding success. The recipes we’ve tried haven’t been ‘bad’, so to speak but they haven’t been anything to get excited about either. A few days ago I was reading Jason Griffin’s latest entry on his “Griffin’s Grub” blog about his attempt at making Alabama White Wings based on a recipe that his wife found in a recent issue of Southern Living magazine and found new inspiration.

I’ve heard of white sauces in conjunction with Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ restaurants in Decatur, Alabama and, like Jason, I have no experience with white barbeque sauces. So I spent a little time Googling up white sauce recipes and discovered that, in general, most consisted of a mix of mayo, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, black and cayenne pepper and salt. Some recipes also included onion, garlic, prepared horseradish, sugar, corn syrup or some other ingredient. I decided to try one particular recipe for Alabama White Barbeque Sauce that I found on just because it was simple and used mostly ingredients that I already had on hand. The only thing I had to pick up was some ground black pepper.

Mixing up the sauce was a snap…measure the listed amount of each ingredient into a bowl, whisk, done. I gave the wings a sprinkle of Bad Byron’s Butt Rub and put ‘em on the Egg which was heated to about 400 degrees and set up for an indirect cook. Once on the grill, I gave the top side of the wings a coat of the sauce.


After about 20 minutes I gave ‘em a flip, painted the other side and let them go another 30 to 40 minutes. Rather than basting ‘em yet again I simply put a small bowl of the sauce on the table…just in case someone decided that the sauce wasn’t for them.

So how did they turn out?


Let’s call this one a home run…maybe not an ‘outta the park grand slam’…but a home run nonetheless. There was a good bit of the sauce left over so now that we know that we like it, it’ll get used at other times when we’re in the mood for a something different than a more traditional barbeque sauce. Many thanks to Jason for his post and inspiration!

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4 Responses to Yet More Wings…The Third Time’s the Charm!

  1. blake says:

    oh my steve, i will send you the recipe for cornells bbq sauce. it’s a classic white sauce, (some would say the beginning of them) very easy to make. at one time i casually knew the pro who concocted it, vinegar and oil based with poultry season, pepper, some egg etc. i have to wait to my dearest comes home tonight before i can get the recipe from her, but i would suggest you give it a try, there is not a fire company or any other traditional bbq chicken deal round these parts that doesn’t make it that way. they don’t even advertise it as such, that’s just how they do it. i don’t know why it wouldn’t be just as good on wings as the rest of the cuts, infact i make sure i get my wife’s’ wing as well (they typically sell them as 1/2’s, with salt potatoes, roll, and potatoe salad or slaw.) a very tasty sauce.

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  2. griffinsgrub says:

    Glad you liked them and I could inspire you. Not sure why I never thought to do this again. Not my favorite wing recipe, but it was good to change things up a bit.

    Blake, I’d love to see that recipe as well. I’ve read about Cornell Chicken, but have never had it before.


    • mrbream says:

      Jason, we used the sauce again last night on some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Worked equally well and is a very nice change from regular BBQ sauce, teriyaki and lemon pepper which tend to be our ‘staples’ with b/s chicken breasts.


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