On the Grid – August 2015

I started a new geocaching challenge this month. OK, maybe it’s more like I started a geocaching challenge this month…given that I haven’t started a geocaching challenge previously unless you count hunting and finding a cache or two now and then when the urge hits.

While listening to ‘The Podcache Show’, a geocaching podcast based out of the U.K., I heard numerous references to the hosts and listeners filling in their 365 and 366 Grids. I thought it might be fun to take on the challenge myself.

Soooo, just what are 365 and 366 Grids? Simply, they’re calendar grids, 365 days on a grid for a regular year and 366 days for leap year.

Blank Grid

The goal…to find a cache on every calendar day, thus filling in a day on the grid with each cache found. One can try to find all 365 or 366 caches on consecutive days in a calendar year or, if the person has been cashing for a while, plot the dates on which they’ve already found caches and fill in the gaps. I chose the latter. I’ve been caching since 2009 and when I stated the challenge had just over 700 finds but still had around 150 open days on my grid…mostly a day or two or maybe three here and there, but also a few strings of four and five days.

Sounds easy, right? It can be…but it also takes some planning and a bit of strategy. It also takes more than just finding a bunch of super easy caches to keep it from being boring. Sure, sometimes one needs a quick lamp post skirt or guard rail cache to fill in a day here or there, but it really pays to mix in some interesting locations or types of caches to keep the interest up.

By now some of you are thinking ‘This is all great but exactly where are you going with all of this?’

OK, here’s the deal. I thought it would add to the fun to be able to share the adventure. As I thought about how to make it happen and how to present it in a blog form I decided that the best approach might be to do a monthly post with the highlights (and maybe even lowlights) from the previous month and toss in a few pictures from some of the more interesting locations

All that said, let’s dive in to August 2015

Unfortunately I didn’t think to start this little adventure on August 1 so I still have three days to complete in the first week of August next year. Unless I miss a day somewhere in the next 11 months I should finish up on August 4, 2016… so put that date on your calendars.

I got things going with a walk in the woods in northwest Atlanta along the Whetstone Creek Trail, a PATH Foundation trail, to find Path7 (GC41VR9). To get to the cache I took a walk on the boardwalk over Atlanta’s only remaining bog…


The cache itself wasn’t overly remarkable but finding a rocketship in the woods on the way back to the truck was. It might not have been a real rocketship that took men to space but I’m sure it took the imaginations of quite a few kids to space over the years.


I was afraid my quest had come to an early end when I DNF’d Path4 (GC3BWDM), another cache along the Whetstone Creek Trail, the next day…but fortunately I found a backup cache on the way home.

College campuses are usually good places to find a cache or two and the University of West Georgia campus in Newnan, Georgia is no exception.


Jenna and I found Book Worm II (GC5XJ3H), one of two on-campus caches following a quick search after dark.

It pays to use days working out of town to your advantage and save easy caches near home for those days when you need a quick cache nearby to fill in another day on the grid. Fact or Fiction (GC3Y4BK) in Greensboro, Georgia worked just fine.


By the end of the month, my grid looked like this…


Ain’t that a pretty solid line most of the way across August? I think it is…

Onward to September!

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4 Responses to On the Grid – August 2015

  1. Muddy mum says:

    That’s a mighty fine looking calendar you have! 😉
    I stupidly started this on March 1st with the view that I’ll end on leap day next year. All well and good but until then I hadn’t been caching all that long and only very casually. It’s been an epic adventure! From March I had a 110 day streak but thankfully over the summer have been able to have the occasional day off. On Thursday I start a 39 day streak and I’ve cleared all local caches already. It’s going to be hard work! *sigh*
    I truly do appreciate the effort you are putting in, but aren’t those green lines satisfying?! good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with filling the grid. I got your email and will read it out on the next show. We have several difficult periods looming with 4 days in a row to fill but November is already filled. We can see light at the end of the tunnel!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mrbream says:

      Thanks much! Will definitely be listening. BTW, there’s another post that may be of interest to a few folks thinking about tackling a 366 Grid, D/T grid or a ‘finds streak’ titles On the Grid – Planning and Strategy. Feel free to share it is you like.


  3. mrbream says:

    BTW. just saw the photo of you grid on FB…looks great! Looking forward to seeing yours (and mine) completely filled!!


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