On the Grid – September 2015



OK, maybe not.

But…September is complete. I’ve made it through my first full month of this quest! Only 10 months, 3 days and 121 caches to go!

September started off a little shaky but really picked up steam. It turned into a really fun cachin’ month. Had several DNF’s but fortunately I had picked out back-up caches for each of those days. It definitely pays to do the planning and have those back-ups in mind.

So let’s dig into September.

My office is located in one of the most culturally diverse areas in Atlanta and maybe even in the state. People representing practically any ethnic group you can think of can be found nearby. I was reminded of this fact as I pulled into the driveway of a Buddhist ‘meditation center’ to look for a cache named Hanging out with the Dalai Lama (GC1D1H4). Interesting place…


I picked up another cache at Chattahoochee Bend State Park. Jenna was in the midst of planning a camping trip for herself and a few of her friends so we made a trip down to Chattahoochee Bend to check out the campsites and see which campsites might be suitable for their group.


Since I needed a cache for the grid that day I decided to grab one of the many caches in the park. I knew the approximate location of the cache I wanted to look for (Last Chance Cache, GC5RP0V) but when we pulled up my cell phone didn’t have good reception and wouldn’t download the caches in the area. Bummer! We went on and checked out the campsites and visited the park office to ask a few questions. As we headed out I told Jenna we were going to stop and take one more look. As we pulled into the parking pull-off I popped on the Geocaching app on my phone and to my surprise, all the local caches appeared…and we were only about 50 or so feet from the parking pull out on the other side of the road…where the cache info wouldn’t download an hour earlier. Odd.

Bend Sign

We grabbed the cache and were on our way.

A note for anyone thinking about caching at The Bend…bring your handheld GPSr or download the cache info to your phone prior to leaving to head to the park…cell phone service is spotty and in some areas and not at all in others.

Another September cache took me to the French countryside. OK, I didn’t exactly go to France. More like Chamblee, Georgia…to The 57th Fighter Group restaurant to find Smurfs Form the Resistance (GC5THCR). The restaurant building and grounds are dressed up to look like a French farmhouse during World War II, complete with period Army vehicles, artillery pieces and even a P-51 Mustang in station to provide air cover during one’s search for the cache.




As you search for this cache, it doesn’t take much to imagine yourself as an American commando, deep behind enemy lines in France, cautiously searching for a cache of weapons hidden for the French Resistance for your clandestine mission against a German command post. Or maybe you’re a downed Allied pilot attempting to evade the enemy while waiting for rescue by the Resistance. OK, or maybe that’s just me…

As I looked at the cache page for Win – Place or Show (GC47KAG), I really didn’t expect much more than a quick cache to fill in another square on the grid…but as I pulled in the drive I was greeted by this cool gate…


There’s another one like it not far away. We used to live in a subdivision a couple of miles down the road from this location and I don’t recall these gates being there before we moved 14 years ago.

Early this month, while looking at the Geocaching.com website for caches around my office I noticed an unusual blue dashed line just across the interstate that had three caches scattered along its trace. As it turns out the blue dashed line represents the Cheshire Farm Trail, a new Atlanta walking path.

Cheshire Farm Trail

The caches are all D1.5/T1.5s (Creekside Trail: Paying it Forward – GC5K9PY, Creekside Trail – The Grand Bridge – GC5K9PZ and Creekside Trail – GC5K9Q1). Given the proximity to my office the Cheshire Farms Trail caches looked like a good opportunity to get September kicked off in style…but that didn’t quite happen. When I drove by for a look, the location that I thought I’d be able to access the trail from wasn’t accessible at all…Bummer! I went on to find a backup cache then did a little online research to find the actual trailhead and parking location to save for another day.

When I finally did make it onto the trail I was treated to a smooth crushed stone walk path, views of the North Fork of Peachtree Creek and some interesting bridges.

Cheshire Trail



Wish I could say it was a quiet walk in the woods but the concrete bridges carried I-85 traffic. Definitely not quiet but still a nice place to walk during lunchtime.

Bring on October!!

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