On the Grid – December 2015 – Twas the Cache Before Christmas…

Got a little cachin’ break at the end of November but on December 1 it was back to business…and I started the month off with a couple of DNFs. I got my cachin’ mojo working again with a couple of quick park and grabs then decided to take a trip to South Korea to look for a cache that’s given me trouble before. As it turns out, South Korea is just a short distance from France.

Say what?

OK, here’s the deal, the cache I went to hunt, 4077th (GC5A1PQ ), is dedicated to the television sitcom M*A*S*H, which is set in South Korea during the Korean War during the early 1950s.

Korea 1

Korea 2

The cache location is just a few hundred feet away from another cache named Smurfs form the Resistance (GC5THCR) which is located in front of the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant. As you may remember from my September 2015 On the Grid entry, the 57th Fighter Group is housed in a building designed to look like a French farmhouse during the second World War.

Thus, Korea is just a short distance from France.



Before heading out I took a good look through the previous logs to see if I could find that key piece of information that I would need to find the cache. I didn’t find any great revelation in the logs, but I did end up finding the cache.

AAG Achiever: Planespotting (GC5A0DC), a multi, took me back to Peachtree-DeKalb Airport, located just a couple of miles from my office. I enjoy a cache with a good history lesson attached. Sometimes that history lesson is presented in the cache description and sometimes it’s something you find at, or on the way to, the GZ. This time around it came on the form of a couple of historical markers situated adjacent to the sidewalk between the parking lot and the first stage of the multi.

Marker 1

Marker 2

The area now occupied by the airport, as well as a significant portion of the surrounding area, were part of Camp Gordon, an Army training camp during World War I. In 1940 a military airport, which became Naval Air Station Atlanta, was built on the property. The facility was utilized for pilot training during World War II. The airport was converted from military to civilian use in the late 1950s.

Information gathered from another historical marker at the Stage 1 GZ pointed me toward the final which happened to be located in a familiar park a short distance away.

Planespotting Park

I thought I was finished traveling for the month but 303 Days (GC5YH4K) took me to New York City for bagels.


So New York City is only four or five miles from France and South Korea…who knew?!

There were other caches during the month, most not terribly exciting but they filled up empty spaces on my grid. The highlight of my cachin’ month didn’t involve any particular cache but instead involved spending some time caching with my girls over their Christmas break…


And a nice sunset…


Only 83 caches to go…bring on 2016!!

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  1. Muddy mum says:

    The end is in sight! 🙂

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