A Monster in the Making…

ConnieLou and my mom wanted to surprise me this Christmas. Usually they’ll ask me for some suggestions for what I might want to find under the tree and I give them a list of ‘ideas’… but this year they both stayed strangely quiet. Just after Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) ConnieLou proudly told me that she and Momma had gone in together to surprise me. The only hint that either would give was that it was not on my list. Needless to say I spent quite a bit of time over the next few weeks trying to figure out what they’d come up with. Every time I’d ask ConnieLou for a hint all she would tell me is “it’s not something that’s on your list.” Now how am I supposed to figure it out with answers like that?

Christmas Eve finally rolled around and we went to my mom’s place to ‘do Christmas’ with her. Presents were passed out and as I began to open mine I began to notice that ConnieLou, Momma , Ashley and Jenna had stopped opening theirs and were watching me. Apparently I was the only one still in the dark. Since I was the center of attention I decided to enjoy it and peeled back the wrapping paper ever so slowly and opened the box to reveal…yet another box wrapped in tissue paper. Hmmmm, tormented by one of my own tricks.

Oh yeah, so what was the big surprise?

How about a Go Pro camera!

Now my blog will have not only text and photos but video too! Can you say YouTube? I knew you could.

OK, stop groaning.

Of course it will take some time for me to learn to use the camera and its features (and the aftermarket extras – can’t forget those!!) and get the hand of the editing software…hope y’all enjoy the ride just as much as I do!

Now you don’t think I could possibly wrap up this entry without a video do you? How about a short time-lapse video of a quick geocaching trip close to home earlier this week? Yeah, it’s not the greatest and there’s no sound but hang with me…they’ll get better…Just call me a monster in the making.

Check it out: After Christmas Cachin’

Spoiler Alert!! You will get to see me finding, retrieving and replacing one of the three caches I found that day. However…since I haven’t named the cache, given the GC code and unless you’re familiar with the area, probably not a big deal.

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