Post Snowpocalypse Cachin’ with the Girls…

I’d planned to go hiking and caching with my friend Tom at Sweetwater Creek State Park over the weekend. The weather had different plans for us. Thursday and Friday brought us over an inch of rain and then there was Snowpocalypse 2016. We bagged our hiking plans but by midday Saturday I was going a bit stir crazy so I asked Ashley and Jenna if they wanted to go cachin’ somewhere nearby. They were game so we piled into the car and headed out…

The Crew

On the Road

One has to be careful when they hand their phone to their kids…

Silly Girls

Silly Girls!

We decided to head south to Grantville. Somewhere along the way we missed a turn and ended up in Hogansville…

Hogansville 1

Hogansville 2


We checked the cache map only to find that there are no caches in downtown Hogansville. What’s up with that?

We backtracked up to Grantville and stopped to hunt for the first of three caches. The first cache was supposedly somewhere in front of a now closed restaurant. The key word here is supposedly. Yep, we didn’t find it.

On to the next cache. The second cache on our list is supposedly (there’s that word again) located within a long abandoned building.

Cache 2

Jenna Wall

Ashley Pipe

Girls in the Hole

Nope, we didn’t find this one either.


We passed by the Colley House, also known as the Bonnie Castle. Rumor has it that the building is haunted. We had another cache to hunt so we didn’t go for a visit to find out.

Grantville House

The first stage of our last cache for the day, a multi, was located in the Grantville Cemetery on the north edge of town.

Cemetery 1

We had to find a couple of markers honoring Thomas Zellars, a sailor from Grantville who served in the U.S. Navy on the battleship USS Mississippi during World War I. Zellars was killed along with 17 other sailors during a firing accident onboard his ship but was able to open a flood valve and extinguish the fire caused by the accident, thus saving many of his other shipmates.

Cemetery 2

Cemetery 3

Apparently the final coordinates that we calculated based on the dates on the markers were a bit off and we came up empty handed on this cache as well. Ugh!

Three strikes and we were out. Unfortunately it was getting late and time to head on back home.

So how much snow did we get out of Snowpocalypse 2016?


Kinda pitiful, no?

Want to see the video? Here’s a link: Post Snowpocalypse Cachin’ with the Girls

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