On the Grid – January 2016 – Cool Weather Cachin’

So long 2015, Hello 2016!

The new year arrived and so did winter! After a couple of extra months of exceptionally warm late fall/early winter weather (think nearly 80F on Christmas Day) it’s finally getting chilly here! I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I’m glad the cold is finally here to stay for a few months.

Jenna and I kicked the new year off right with a New Year’s Day cache, literally! Happy New Year 2012!!(GC26CY1) was our first find of the year. As we walked toward the cache we had a pretty good idea where we would find it. We also found that getting to the cache and back would be a little tricky.

Happy New Year

We managed to make our way to the cache’s hiding spot and found it easily. The container was camo’d in hot pink, the ‘calling card’ of the Cache Girls Gone Wild, the local caching group that hid the cache.


We made an after dark attempt at finding Howard Hughes (GC5CEPQ) but once again came up empty, even after a hint from the cache owner, and moved on to a back-up. Howard might not have wanted to come out to play but a beautiful sunset viewed from near his hiding spot lessened our disappointment a bit.

Howards Sunset

I took a few short trips to England during January. Turns out ‘England’ is just a couple of miles from my office in Lenox Park, an urban greenspace between a cluster of office buildings and is also not too far from France and South Korea (If you read the September and December ‘On the Grid’ entries, you’ll get the reference). Lenox Park is home to a cluster of four traditional whose names somehow refer to places or features in England including: BIG BEN-ch (GC3TJGE), London in Lenox (GC4BZ92), Sherwood Forest in Lenox (GC3N803) and The Tube (GC3N80R). In addition to the traditional caches, there is also a puzzle cache in the group (A Quotable Cache, GC5M24N). Hey, if any of you puzzle cache gurus out there can point me in the right direction on this one, I would appreciate it!!

Lenox 1

Lenox 2

Lenox 3

Lenox 4

Lenox 5

I wrapped up the month with a quick and easy cache at a local gas station (Palmetto McFlash, GC69F2K). Under a lamp post skirt, right? Of course not!

On to February!

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3 Responses to On the Grid – January 2016 – Cool Weather Cachin’

  1. washknight says:

    With regards the puzzle cache, Well from my quick google search of the first three quotes, they seem to be from Shakespere’s “As you like it” so I am guessing the key lies in the position of these quotes within the play. perhaps act, scene an dline numbers or something similar. Hope this is of some help. Good Luck

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