Cachin’ the Long and Winding Road

Jenna and I were planning to go hiking this weekend but due to school commitments Saturday and crappy weather Sunday morning, that didn’t work out. By the time the weather finally broke Sunday afternoon I was ready to go do something outside. I asked Jenna if she wanted to go but by then she was wrapped up in a blanket, buried in a book and decided to take a pass. I decided that I would just go solo.

A few months back, one of our local cachers, GreatT, set out a short cache trail along Tommy Lee Cook Road, one of the side roads off the main highway near Palmetto, Georgia.


The eleven caches were TLC-themed and their named included (in no particular order) Sweet, Laughter, Forever, Compassion, Smile, Cherish, Talk, Hug, Love, Contentment and Care. It definitely gave one something to ponder as they moved from cache to cache.

Tommy Lee Cook Road is like many side roads with a few businesses where it meets the main highway and scattered residences and churches further along its length. And, as one might expect, it becomes more and more rural the farther you travel from the highway. Being a relatively rural side road definitely didn’t mean that it wasn’t a busy side road. You definitely have to pay attention to where you pull off and park and how close you are to the road while hunting the caches and signing the logs.

Country Road


The cache containers were simple and were generally hidden in a manner that they would be easy to find.


By the time I finished, my cache map looked like this:


It took a little over an hour to find all eleven caches, sign the logs and travel from cache to cache. Dodging cars wasn’t much of a problem and you still get the usual “what the heck is that nut job doing?” looks as you’re hunting the caches. Heck, over the years I’ve just come to embrace those looks and wear them like a badge of honor.

I think my family had their own interests in mind when I said I was going caching. They gave it away when they said “Hey, can you bring us a Blizzard?”


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