On the Grid – February 2016

I don’t have a catchy, cute title for the February 2016. I only had six caches to find for my 366 grid in February, making it a fairly easy caching month but the rest of the month has been a bit of a challenge. ConnieLou had a fairly serious health issue crop up at the end of January that made February quite challenging. Doctor visits are rarely, if ever, fun and these have been even less so. But…as the world keeps turning, we have to move forward too.

Now back to caching. In many respects February was a quick, easy month caching-wise. Honestly, I chose mostly easy caches to complete the month but somehow, even with seemingly easy caches, there’s usually some means to make a story. February was no exception. Ready for a few highlights?

In past entries I’ve mentioned how one can travel long distances and even travel internationally without driving more than two of three miles from my office. Now I’ve discovered that even time travel is possible near my office. I found Yuletide Greetings (GC4VVKM) on February 8…

Time Travel

Marie’s Cache (GC632H8) was quick and easy but staying out of sight of the ‘sign spinner’ on the opposite corner of the street added a bit of challenge.


Down Town Palmetto (GC49C6K) had me puzzled for a bit. I walked right by it several times before I finally stepped back just a bit, reassessed the situation, and had that ‘ah HA!” moment.


With February down, how does March look? For the most part, it looks doable with one possible exception. Looking at my stats I see that I need to find a cache on ConnieLou’s surgery day. Ugh! But…just by chance there is a cache in the woods behind the hospital. Hmmmm. Unfortunately, I’ve logged a DNF on that one before and its continued existence seems to be in question. Will I have an opportunity to look for it or possibly another cache…or do I even worry about it at all? I don’t know but here’s my take…if an opportunity to find a cache on surgery day presents itself, fine, do it. If not…so what? It’s just geocaching (yeah, someone just cringed). In the grand scheme it’s just not that important (someone cringed again). It’s pretty darn low on the priority list (someone just passed out) and can be done next year or the year after or the year after that or…you get the point.


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2 Responses to On the Grid – February 2016

  1. Clare says:

    Sorry to hear about challenging times, hope the surgery goes well. I must confess I did worry about the ‘What if’ thing when doing my calendar, obviously some things will always take priority. Luckily however, apart from a few minor car problems I was able to keep going.
    Imagine this though, I know somebody who forgot to get one on Feb 29th! That’ll be one empty box for four, long years!

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    • mrbream says:

      Thankfully I checked that box last Leap Day! You know, its actually kinda nice being able to have a “eh, whatever…” attitude ab out the grid for a few days…would prefer a different reason though.


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