On the Grid – March 2016


It was a crazy month in our house.

The lead-up to ConnieLou’s surgery, the surgery day itself, and recovery following. It’s definitely been busy but I was able to find time to find a cache on each of the days I needed to fill the blank spots on 366 Grid for this month. Well, all but one anyway. March 11, ConnieLou’s surgery date, will remain blank for another year.

But that’s OK.

That blank day will be a reminder of the day she became cancer-free again. And when March 11 rolls around next year I have a multi cache picked out that starts in a location that’s very special to both of us to commemorate the occasion. Sorry, no hints. You have to wait to find out where. Anticipation can be a good thing.

So what about March 2015? Were there memorable caches beyond the non-cache of March 11? Sure there were! Let me tell you about a few of them.

First up: Treasure Your Teeth (GC5VQ14). If you guessed that this cache might be located near a dentist’s office, you would be correct. Treasure your Teeth is actually mounted on the side of the building in which the dentist’s office is located. I didn’t take a picture of this one but because it’s pretty darn obvious when you get there.

Next: Corny Joke Series: The Fence (GC6E610). So what’s the corny joke? You’ll have to check out the cache description to find out. This is one of the best executed hides I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad I found it early on because this one is only going to become more and more difficult as time passes. It’s also a cache that will remind one that caching in shorts isn’t always a good idea. Dang briars!

See the hint in the picture? No? Darn…


And wrapping up March: Tool Town (GCAMZ5). As I read the cache description I suspected that this would be a very run-of-the-mill hide on the edge of the parking lot outside our local cheap tool store…and I was right up until I picked up the container. I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like this before but it was pretty appropriate for the location.

Tool Time.

That’s it for March 2016. April is off to a good start.


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