Market Days on the Square

If you follow my blogs or follow me on Facebook, you probably already know the last month has been just a little crazy. ConnieLou has been recovering nicely from her surgery and has been feeling like getting out of the house more and more. The other day she reminded me about Market Day on the Square in downtown Newnan and we both thought it would be a great opportunity to get outside for a little while to walk around and enjoy some sunshine.

For folks that aren’t familiar, Market Days in Newnan are essentially a monthly artisans market on the Court Square that occurs on the first Saturday of each month from April through December. Imagine a much smaller scale, monthly version of the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain or the Old Power’s Crossroads Festival near Newnan. All of the vendors are situated on the interior of the Square around the courthouse.


Tents and People

Art and Tents

There were many sorts of locally made products for sale. One could find jewelry…


Wood products and furniture…




There was also handmade soaps (I never realized that artisan soaps were ‘a thing’ these days), essential oils, paintings, cloth products, jellies, honey and barbeque sauces. If you were feeling hungry there were fresh made doughnuts…


As well as boiled peanuts, caramel corn and kettle corn.

Of course there was entertainment…from a street corner performer trying to pay his way through college to a regular group of pickers on one of the courthouse patios.

Corner Musician

Patio Pickers

We made a couple of laps around the Square before heading off to find some lunch. We didn’t make any major purchases other than a bag of kettle corn, some boiled peanuts and a bottle of barbeque sauce but we got out of the house for a little while and had some fun…and since some of the vendors change each month, we might just have to do it a couple more times before the end of the year.

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3 Responses to Market Days on the Square

  1. Betsy says:



  2. Jane says:

    I’m relieved to hear that Connie Lou is recovering nicely. 🙂 I hope life is settling down a bit now?


    • mrbream says:

      Jane, I’m not too sure life ever really settles down here. Its been a very busy summer. We’ve been getting our youngest ready to go off to college next month, getting Connie set for her next surgery (reconstruction this time) and we’re just back from a weeks vacation in California (blog to come soon). My wordpress notifications tell me you’ve had a little time to catch up on your reading…good for you!

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