On the Grid – April 2016

April is done.

Another month in the books.

Three full months and a handful of days left to go.

At the risk of sounding whiney, I’m glad this little challenge is getting close to being finished. Sure, it’s been fun and it’s caused me to get out of the house or out of the office and go caching more often but it’s also become a bit of a chore. I’ve found, these days, that when I tell ConnieLou that “today is a cache day”, it sounds more like I’m heading off to work rather than heading out to go do something fun. Also, there have been too many times lately that, while reading cache descriptions that I’ve heard myself utter the phrase “OK, this one looks quick/easy.” instead of “Oh, this one looks fun!”

Enough of that.

So what about the April caches? Fortunately there were a few caches in April that stuck out for one reason or another.

March of the Penguins in Palmetto (GC6E3TC) wasn’t in the prettiest of locations but it did present a challenge. It definitely wasn’t what I thought I would be looking for and I passed it by several times before I had that ‘Ah HA! ‘ moment. Turns out you have to think about the guy that hid the cache.


A Thrifty Cache (GC4D85Y) isn’t in the prettiest of locations either. However, it’s a nemesis cache for me as I’ve hunted for unsuccessfully several times in the past. I finally happened to look in just the right spot from just the right angle. I’m not too sure the owners of the shopping center could have found a brighter paint color…and the photo is toned down a bit because it was overcast…


It’s possible to find surprisingly pretty places near my office. This stretch of the North Fork of Peachtree Creek is located near North Fork Screw Loose (GC5MRWC).

Creek 1


Unfortunately the banks of the creek adjacent to the road had not fared so well. Would be a good place for a CITO.

Creek 2

The watcher on the road sign didn’t seem too thrilled with the trash either.


It’s usually hard to find a more peaceful place then a cemetery and most are pretty in their own way. Forty-Five Confederate Soldiers (GC17A2Y) in Greensboro, Georgia was dedicated to the forty-five unknown Boys in Gray buried in the cemetery.

Stars and Bars


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One Response to On the Grid – April 2016

  1. Clare says:

    Argh! That roadside cache. *rolls eyes*
    Every time I announced it was a cache day it was if a death knell sounded to my kids. Nowadays I announce it’s a caching day and to me it’s fun – still the same effect for everybody else though. Oh well! 😉

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