Its been years since I bought a new pocket knife.

Yesterday I bought three.

Its not like a pocket knife is a disposable item that is intended to be replaced often. In fact, a good quality pocket knife is just the opposite. They’re designed and made to last for years, maybe a lifetime, with proper care. Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a few pocket knives of various brands and models. Of those, I only purchased three or four and was fortunate enough to receive the rest as gifts from my parents, grandparents or one or more of my uncles.

Last week Ashley was told by Dr. Hanson, the equine vet that she works with during the summer, that she needs a good pocket knife. When Ashley told me this it occurred to me that I’ve been somewhat neglectful of my ‘Dad Duties’. I’ve had pocket knives since before my age reached double digits. Ashley and Jenna are now 22 and 18, respectively, and up till now, have not had a proper pocket knife. Contrary to the beliefs of many these days, every good Southern girl should have a proper pocket knife (OK, and a proper firearm or two, but that’s another story).

ConnieLou and I were in Blue Ridge, Georgia yesterday afternoon, on the way south from Young Harris and killing time before a YHC alumni event in Marietta, when I noticed a knife shop. I told ConnieLou that we should stop in and see if they might have a knife that would suite Ashley’s needs at work. As we looked around we decided that it was time for both of the girls to have a proper pocket knife.

We described what we were looking for to the proprietor and mentioned a few brands that I’m partial to and he gave us his suggestions. For both girls I wanted a locking blade to lessen the chances of having a blade close up on their fingers during use. Exactly how a blade manages to do that I don’t know but it happens. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. For Ashley I wanted something that she could easily open with one hand if she needed to and for Jenna I simply wanted a basic pocket knife that’s light, mainly to take camping and backpacking. Having grips in an easy to see color would be a bonus.

Jenna’s was the easiest to decide on. We picked out a Buck Bantam BLW, a basic lock-blade folder with a drop point blade and orange camo grips. It fit my hand nicely and since her hands are a little smaller than mine, it would be perfect for her. The Buck also comes with thumb studs to allow one handed opening if needed.

For Ashley we selected a Kershaw 1980ST. The Kershaw is also a lock-blade folder but with a tanto shape blade that’s partially serrated. The main decision point for the Kershaw was the ease of one-handed opening via their ‘speedsafe’ opening mechanism and ‘flipper’ on the spine or thumb studs on the blade. The Kershaw also comes with a pocket clip that allows the user to keep the knife accessible at the top of their pocket instead of buried down in the bottom of the pocket with their keys and pocket change.

Fortunately the two knives were only about $35 each so they didn’t break the bank…and that’s probably a good thing since I took a shine to the Kershaw and had to have one for myself. Like I really need another pocket knife…but I do, really…


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