A Night of Fresh Air

Ready to read about something other than geocaching?

I usually spend at least one night most weekends sleeping outside in my hammock out back behind our house. More often than not Jenna will hang up her hammock and tarp and join me. Opportunities for Ashley to hang with us have been rare since she’s been away at school but we still usually able to manage at least a few weekends a year that all three of us can hang out. This year…not so much. The first few months of this year have been a little different, to say the least, and we haven’t spent many nights out. Sometimes life got in the way, sometimes we didn’t want to deal with crappy weather and sometimes we were just lazy.

The stars, planets and weather aligned this weekend and we had an opportunity for the three of us hang out. I got a head start on things by hanging my hammock up early in the afternoon. I hung up my hammock and tarp but since there was a strong breeze blowing, I left the tarp in its skins…


Of course I had to test it to make sure everything was secure…

Test Drive

Ashley and Jenna hung their gear up later. Ashley decided to hang up her tarp. Jenna decided to go tarpless. Ultimately I did too.

We turned in around midnight. I had a nice view of the moon between the leaves but I don’t recall enjoying the view too long. Unfortunately Mother Nature began calling way too early but I climbed back in my hammock to doze for a little longer…well, at least until our neighbors’ cat, Jesse, came and hopped up on the hammock with me. He enjoyed a few minutes of scratching and petting before he lay down, got comfortable and snoozed for a little while too.


When I finally got up to go inside and make the coffee I discovered that Ashley had gone in sometime earlier.


Jenna was still curled up in her hammock.


That’s about it this time around. No exciting adventure, no tale of daring deeds, and no geocaching…just a night out in the fresh air.

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5 Responses to A Night of Fresh Air

  1. Damn. I was expecting a swarm of mosquitoes, rainstorm or at least falling out of them and it at some. What fun is a davenport report without a calamity. At least tell me you stepped in bear poop when you left as Nature Called.


    • mrbream says:

      Jerry, the glaring lack of calamity surprised me too. Highly unusual. Since Jenna and I left the tarps off I expected no less than a slow moving hurricane worth of rain but not a drop fell.


  2. Clare says:

    I’m so envious! Looks brilliant fun.
    I’m curious as to how I’d sleep, I’m a terrible sleeper at the best of times.

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    • mrbream says:

      We enjoy our hammocks a lot. They’re good for an afternoon snooze or just to sit and read a book in addition to sleeping out overnight. Most folks find they prefer a hammock to the ground or a platform, some even prefer a hammock to their bed, then there are the handful that it just doesn’t seem to work for. Give it a try sometime if you can.


  3. Jane says:

    A night out in the fresh air seems pretty good to me! The mosquitoes have gone for a while now that it’s winter but the air is often filled with smoke due to controlled grass burn offs. I love escaping to the mountains when I can get some of that precious fresh air. 🙂


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