Words and Phrases

Time for a little detour from my regular topics.

I need to vent a little.

Let me say that this entry is not directed at any particular person or persons.  There’s a pretty fair chance this is going to aggravate some folks.  I might even piss off a few people.  Maybe you use some of the words and phrases I’m about to talk about and I’ll have ruffled your feathers.  Well…I hate it for ya.  All I can tell you is to suck it up and move on.  This is solely my opinion and, as Mr. Brian Levine, an acquaintance of mine would say “This is my opinion and I am the leading expert on my opinion.”  You’ll be OK tomorrow.  If not, you obviously have issues that you should probably see a professional about or at least rinse off your Binky and pop it back in your mouth.

Here goes…

There are certain words and phrases in use these days that just drive me nuts.  I’m really not sure why these words and phrases get under my skin the way they do.  Heck, on occasion I’ll even catch myself using one of them.  Maybe it’s just my inner curmudgeon trying to come out or maybe I’m just on my way to becoming a cranky old fart.  Regardless, I cringe just about every time I hear or read one of them.

Want a few examples?  Here are a few that came to mind quickly this morning…

Epic – Abused and overused.  The view from the top of the mountain was epic.  The party was epic.  The fishing trip was epic.  Was it really ‘epic’?  Can we not come up with a better adjective?  In my mind epic is usually associated with certain novels and movies.  Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey” are great examples.  Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” and Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” both come to mind.  FWIW, if the view from the top of the mountain was from the summit of Everest, K2, Annapurna, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Fuji or even Denali…OK, I’d make exceptions for those and maybe a few more.  But for Clingman’s Dome or Brasstown Bald…sorry, no.

Badass – Another abused and overused adjective.  Now I don’t have any huge problem with the profanity itself (maybe I should) but ‘badass’ has become a term use to describe just about anything that might be overly cool.  That knife is badass.  The view from the top of the mountain was badass…you get the picture.  I always thought a badass was someone like a Marine that’s seen his share of intense combat, lived through it and has a few scars because of it.  Or the term would be used to describe the ancient generals/leaders who led their armies into battle, say like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great…yeah, they were badasses.  Is your custom made combat knife made by XYZ knifemaker, badass…sorry, no.

My Bad – Slang for ‘my mistake’.  OK, I’ll confess, I’m guilty of using this one now and then…but it still gets under my skin and I kick myself every time I use it.  Is it really that difficult to say something like “I’m sorry, my mistake.”  It is?  Really?  Sorry, no.

Po-Po and Cray-Cray – Slang for ‘the police’ and ‘crazy’.  Do I really need to elaborate further?  No.

OK, I’m finished venting…for now.  Do I feel better?  Dang right I do!

Now think about what you’re saying and how you say it and…Have a nice day!

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3 Responses to Words and Phrases

  1. blake says:

    the one that irks me is when someone uses the term americans when they are referring to only folks who are from the united states.


  2. Clare says:

    Feel better for that? I hear you though, there’s a whole heap of annoying in there.
    My daughter is called Freya, some of her friends call her Frey Frey! Eurgh!


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