On the Grid, June – August, 2016, And Then There Was One

One cache left to complete my 366 Grid.

Only one.

More about that later.

OK, so I haven’t made an On the Grid post in a while. I’ve been cachin’ but I haven’t posted about it. I got slack and I blame it on the weather. Its summer and its hot and its humid. I’m hot-natured and I’m NOT a hot weather fan. I’ve said many times I like hot weather when it involves sand, saltwater and a bucket of beer. Of course a cool mountain stream would work equally well. I turn into a slug when it gets hot and unless I can get in the water somewhere I’m content to enjoy the AC. There’s no need to worry though, I’ll perk up again around mid-September when we start getting the first real hints of fall.

Needless to say, summertime is probably my least favorite time to get out cachin’ and I had over two dozen caches to find between June 1 and August 4. Ugh! I’d love to say I knocked off a bunch of hard to reach, hard to find caches but for the most part, I took the path of least resistance. Although most of my finds in June, July and the first few days of August were largely convenient park and grabs, there were a few highlights worthy of mention.

I found the cache that qualified as both my farthest from home and farthest west (Its Whats For Dinner, GC28ZBJ) in Sacramento, California. I also found my highest elevation cache (Granite and Ice, GC5BG8N) at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Glacier Point

There was a cache in Hornitos, California, a gold rush ghost town (Bienvenido a la inglesia de Hornitos, GC695J7).

Hornitos ChurchHornitos Cache

There were even a couple of caches at Disneyland (Happiest Cache on Earth, GC3FQ4 and WD’s Original, GC4B24).

Now there is one cache left to find to finish my 366 Grid. If you read my March 13 entry titled “The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men”, you may remember that things got a little tense following ConnieLou’s cancer surgery on March 11 and I didn’t make it out to find a cache that day. To follow up on that entry, ConnieLou’s surgery was successful and we found out a week later that her pathology lab results were good and that chemo and radiation would not be necessary…a major relief!

So…I have one more cache to find on March 11, 2017 and since that day will mark one year of ConnieLou being cancer-free, I’ve picked out a cache in a location very special to both of us to find to mark the occasion. I’m not going to say which cache just yet but I will when the time is right and we might just turn it into a celebration.

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One Response to On the Grid, June – August, 2016, And Then There Was One

  1. Clare says:

    Yay! The final one, and we truly know that life was far more important on that day – but please don’t forget when it rolls round again… 😉
    I’m not a fan of Summer, I get so grouchy when I’m hot, eurgh! I love the change of seasons when Autumn, then winter hit….not long now! 😁

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