The REAL Woodbury Zombie GeoQuest…

Ready for some more geocaching? How about a geocaching event this time around?

First a little background…

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’re probably familiar with Woodbury, the fictitious sanctuary town controlled by The Governor and his followers. You also may know that the Woodbury scenes were actually filmed in the west central Georgia town of Senoia. What you might not know is that there is a real town named Woodbury which is also located here in west central Georgia, and that the real Woodbury has its own ties to The Walking Dead as scenes from several episodes were filmed nearby.

So how do you tie the real town of Woodbury, geocaching and The Walking Dead together? With The REAL Woodbury Zombie GeoQuest of course!


The Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism, with the help of local geocachers put together a series of twelve caches in and around Woodbury for the quest. The caches were focused on The Walking Dead filming locations, historic sites and other local points of interest.

Now for the fun stuff…

This is how it went down. The Chamber of Commerce & Tourism kicked off the quest this past Sunday with The REAL Woodbury Zombie GeoQuest Kick-off Event. Over three hundred geocachers and zombiefans/would-be geocachers converged on Lake Meriwether Park in Woodbury for the event. Cachers signed the event log at the check-in pavilion then had some time to buy an event t-shirt, catch up with friends, grab a bite of lunch from one of a couple of local food trucks or even get zombified by a make-up artist from The Walking Dead production before the caches went live on


Around 12:30 the caches went live and the quest passports and pages with additional cache info were distributed and the horde of zombies, err, geocachers dispersed to begin searching for the dozen caches.

As expected, the quest took us to a number of interesting locations including cemeteries and local historic churches like Jones Chapel located just north of Woodbury (Jones Chapel, GZ6QDQ)…


We visited a peach orchard and farm store and sampled some peach ice cream (Peach Trees Galore, GC6QDQ2)…


Who knew that peach growing is a big deal in Meriwether County? I sure didn’t but I’m glad I know now!

We visited Red Oak Bridge, one of the thirteen remaining covered bridges in Georgia…another ‘who knew’ location (Red Oak Bridge, GC6QDNP)…


I’ll have to admit that I had a bit of a fright at Red Oak Bridge. After signing the log and stamping my passport I began to walk toward the bridge. I was looking around wasn’t paying much attention to the bridge itself. When I finally turned my attention to the bridge I saw this:


Was it a crowd of walkers crossing the bridge and blocking my escape? Nope, just a group of cachers making their way to the cache.

Of course I can’t go without mentioning one of the filming locations for The Walking Dead that were included in the quest (Savior’s Compound, Season 6, Episode 12, GC6QDP4)…


Once I visited all twelve caches, signed the logs and stamped my passport, I headed back to the check-in table to turn in my passport and collect my commemorative trackable tag…


OK, time out. What’s this business about a passport? It’s pretty simple…each individual cacher or each team of cachers was given a ‘passport’. Each quest passport had a dozen features (in this case zombie body parts and weapons) that correspond to a stamp in each of the cache containers. In order to receive the trackable tag at the end of the day, each of the dozen features on the passport must be stamped with the corresponding stamp in order to prove that one visited and found each of the caches.

So now you’re interested in completing The REAL Woodbury Zombie GeoQuest but you missed the kick-off event? No problem…the kick-off event was just what it says it was…a kick-off event…you can still do the quest and even collect your own commemorative trackable tag. All you have to do is visit the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism office at 1 Broad Street, Warm Springs, Georgia between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Saturday to pick up passports and cache information and then drop off your completed passport at the same location. If you’re not able to drop off your completed passport you can mail it to P.O. Box 9, Warm Springs, Georgia 31830 with $5 for shipping and handling and the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism folks will be glad to mail your trackable tag to you.

Oh, just a little heads-up… Ms. Carolyn McKinley of the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism tells me that there are six more geotrails in the works for Meriwether County. The next trail will be situated in and around Manchester, Georgia, and will highlight Meriwether County’s rich railroad history.

Update:  Now you don’t have to stop by the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce to pick up your passport.  Simply download and print the pages from the following links: Inside and Outside

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3 Responses to The REAL Woodbury Zombie GeoQuest…

  1. Clare says:

    I bet you didn’t get made up as a zombie? Surely if you did you would have shared photos?! Ha!
    That bridge! Wow! I only ever see bridges like that in American movies – just stunning. 😊


    • mrbream says:

      No, I didn’t get made up as a zombie. I thought about it but I’m hot-natured and a sweater (yeah, I know, TMI) and it was hot our so I would have been a total mess in a fairly short time.

      The bridge, beautiful isn’t it? Here’s a link to more info:

      From what I’m told its one of 13 remaining covered bridges in Georgia.


      • Clare says:

        Ha, in that case definitely a wise decision. 😂
        I wonder if they’ve all appeared in movies. Thanks for the link, off to bed now but will check it out tomorrow for sure. 😊


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