I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was…

“I ain’t as good as I once was, I’ve got a few years on me now…“

The line from Toby Keith’s song As Good As I Once Was is resonating kinda loudly with me right now. I spent the weekend hiking and camping on the Pine Mountain Trail with Ashley and her dog Cooper and now I’m one hurtin’ pup. We had fun but having fun can be painful sometimes, especially if you’re not in the greatest shape. I haven’t spent as much time bashing around the woods this year as I had hoped to. Rather than going into why, let’s just say that life got in the way and leave it at that.

Ashley and Cooper were heading home from Athens for the weekend and ConnieLou had a shopping and lunch date planned with Linda and Charlene, friends from YHC. I’ve been wanting to start hiking the Pine Mountain Trail for a while so I asked Ashley if she wanted to go and take Cooper. She did so Saturday morning we packed up, loaded up and headed down the road. We made a quick stop at the Whistlin’ Pig Café in Pine Mountain to pick up a couple of barbeque sammiches for lunch then headed over to the FDR State Park office to pick up our backcountry permit, parking pass and a couple of trail maps.


And then it was on to the trailhead at the Molly Hugger Hill parking lot…



We ate our sammiches in the parking lot, then unloaded our gear and got ready to head off to the Big Knot campsite, a little over three miles down the trail.



At the park office we learned that there was a fire ban in effect along the trail (OK, this wasn’t exactly unexpected) so I was able to leave a couple of things in the car that we wouldn’t need.


Once on the trail we found the Pine Mountain Trail to be very well marked. Not only was the trail itself marked…



There were also mileage markers along the trail and each of the campsites were marked…


The section of trail that we hiked, between trail miles 7.8 and 11.1, passed mostly through hardwood forests…



There were plenty of rocky places along the trail but the worst, and by far most interesting was Rattlesnake Bluff…


If I’d really been thinking I would have planned out hike so that we were walking toward the east in the afternoon and to the west on our way out Sunday morning…but I wasn’t so we had the sun in our eyes…


Oh well…

We found a few caches along the trail…


And Cooper got to splash around in the creeks that we crossed…


There were plenty of tiny waterfalls to be seen…


Unfortunately there weren’t too many scenic views along this stretch trail but the few we had were pretty nice…


Once at our campsite we hung our hammocks. With no rain in sight we decided to forego hanging up our tarps and sleep under the stars, easily one of our best decisions…


Ashley fixed Cooper a place to sleep but he decided he needed a little hammock time too…



Once our camp was situated we set about cooking supper and spending some time relaxing…


Dark seems to come early in the woods and by 8:00 were perfectly happy to settle into our hammocks for the night.

When darkness comes early, so does daylight…


By 8:00 or so we were packed up and hiking back out to the car…


Another fun, if not tiring, weekend in the books.

For more information about the Pine Mountain Trail, visit the Pine Mountain Trail Association’s website at http://www.pinemountaintrail.org.

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3 Responses to I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was…

  1. Clare says:

    Looks fab and those hammocks – wow.
    on a different note… Sammiches…I’ve never seen that before. Brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johnspenn says:

    I was there in April, didn’t hike on the PMT though. It seemed crowded- were there alot of people there?


    • mrbream says:

      John, it can be crowded at times, especially in the spring and fall. Summer and winter typically aren’t as busy. We saw a few day hikers and there was a big group of scouts at the next campsite over from where we were (3/4 mile away maybe). We heard them once in a while but not enough to be a bother. FDR SP is a very popular park for car campers and motor home folks but thats all pretty well separated from the PMT except at the park office.


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