On the Grid – March 11, 2017 – Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

I’ve been waiting for a year to write this entry. Yesterday I finally conquered my 366 Grid. One year ago yesterday, ConnieLou (and her doctors) conquered breast cancer.

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!

We came, We saw, We conquered!

You may remember from my March 13, 2016 entry that I did not find a cache on March 11, 2016…the day of ConnieLou’s cancer surgery. I had intentions of finding a quick cache sometime during the day while going out to grab a bite to eat…but that didn’t happen (and that’s OK). Although it wasn’t confirmed for a week, ConnieLou, with the help of her surgeon, conquered breast cancer that day.

I had to wait a year to finish up my grid…but that gave me time to plan, to select a special cache worthy of commemorating both conquests. But I didn’t really need the time. It only took a few minutes to think of the perfect cache. The answer was obvious.

That special cache had to be at a location special to both of us. Like near the place we first met, the place we first kissed, the place we took moonlit walks, the place we both graduated in 1985. The location was obvious…Young Harris College.

But it wasn’t to happen quite like that.

Nope. Not at all.

Plans got changed late last fall when I discovered that the cache that I had in mind had been archived and was no more. Even worse, there were no other caches on the YHC campus that I haven’t already found and logged. I contemplated maybe using another nearby cache but there really weren’t any nearby that were in a location quite as sentimental.

ConnieLou provided a possible solution when she started looking over the calendar and realized that Ashley’s and Jenna’s spring breaks overlapped by a weekend and suggested that we go to the beach. As it turned out, Ashley and her boyfriend, Austin, were planning to go to St. Simons Island near Brunswick, Georgia for a few days over their break and since St. Simons is just a couple of hours north of Flagler College in St. Augustine, St. Simons became the destination of choice. I took a look at the cache map for St. Simons on the Geocaching.com website and saw that there were quite a few caches on the island and in the surrounding area. Then, while reading the cache descriptions, I discovered that there was a cache located at the St. Simons Lighthouse…at the top of the lighthouse…129 steps up from ground level (Lighthouse Keepers Lament, GCHAGX). The choice was obvious.

Then the waiting began.

March 10 finally rolled around and we all were finally on our way to St. Simons. As the day progressed I began to think I might have to wait another year to fill my March 11 spot on my grid. We got a late start leaving the house and had some car troubles on the way but fortunately everything came together and we made it to the cottage we’d rented for the weekend.

We woke Saturday morning to a beautiful day. I enjoyed a morning pipe on the screened porch then a leisurely breakfast before getting ready and heading over to the lighthouse.

We paid for our tickets, checked out the lighthouse museum then headed to the top…climbing all 129 stairs…

There were landings and windows every twenty to thirty steps so we stopped to enjoy the views and take a picture or two…

ConnieLou wasn’t feeling up to the climb so she found a place to sit in the sunshine and cheer us on from the bottom…

Once at the top we spent a few minutes checking out the view then remembered we were there to find a cache. I made a trip around the top of the light looking for a hiding spot on the outside and was just about back to the door when I heard Austin say “Hey, is this it?” Sure enough it was. I signed the log and Jenna took a couple of pictures before Austin tucked it back into its hiding spot.

After a few more minutes of enjoying the view we headed back down to spend the day piddling around on the island and chilling on the beach…literally…hey, it’s still March after all…

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