On Markland Pond

Jenna’s been at it again…

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What Lies Within

I’m done with college! Well, sort of… I am done with my freshman year of college. It was a whirlwind of a year filled with new experiences, good and bad. However, I am not here to discuss my first year of college. I am here to discuss Markland Pond. (Don’t worry, it will make sense soon) My professors for Environmental English and Science asked me to write an ecological profile of a place, honing in on my inner Henry David Thoreau and E. O. Wilson. The place I chose to write my profile on was a little pond on campus; here is the final product:

Markland Pond isn’t exactly a pond. It is more like a small puddle of water with rocks around it, nestled underneath palms between Markland House and the Ringhaver Student Center and behind the Crisp Ellert Art Museum. I first stumbled upon this little pond last…

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