The Great Georgia Earth Cache Quest

(Logo creds:  Jenna Davenport)

At least it started out as The Great Georgia Earthcache Quest…it evolved just a little.

OK, here’s the deal.  Last week I started looking at my geocaching stats and noticed that out of the 93 Earth Caches in Georgia, I’ve only logged five.  Pretty slack for a geologist, right?  One would think that they would be near the top of my list to visit and log.  Apparently not, at least until now.  I decided that I want to concentrate on logging the remaining 88 Earth Caches in Georgia…and any new ones that come along, of course.  Sounded like a nice quest, right?  Right!

As I stared at my computer screen and pondered the locations of the 88 Earth Caches on a filtered version of’s cache map it occurred to me that many of the 88 Earth Caches are close to one of Georgia’s State Parks.  About the same time, I remembered that the Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites folks have established the Georgia State Parks GeoTour, a series of 47 caches hidden in 44 of Georgia’s State Parks.

The State Parks and Historic Site’s folks have added a little encouragement for cachers to do the GeoTour by offering up a commemorative geocoin to cachers who find a certain number of the tour caches.  Fifteen caches earn the bronze coin, 30 caches gets a silver coin and 40 gets gold.  To claim your coins, one must stamp a ‘passport’ with a special stamp contained in the cache container.

OK, so now I’m up to 140 caches to find across the state…no problem.

As I was reading about the Georgia State Parks GeoTour I noticed that there is also a Georgia History GeoTour which consists of 14 caches located at historic sites across Georgia.  OK, let’s get those too…make it 154 caches to find across the state…no problem.

I could have stopped there but I remembered that there are 105 Virtual Caches scattered across Georgia.  To date I’ve logged seven.  Since I’m going to be driving all over the place anyway, lets add another 97 caches just for grins.

Now I have 246 caches to find to cover all the current Earth Caches and Virtual Caches in Georgia along with two GeoTours.  Good thing I don’t have to do all of these in one trip or by any specific date.  If I can get them done in a year, great.  If not, that’s cool too but at least I have a specific goal…OK, goals.

So, as I play this out in my head, I’m envisioning a long series of day and overnight trips, many, with family and friends along to enjoy the fun.  This does sound fun, right?  Right!

I’ve known about it for quite some time but there is an Earth Cache (Peachtree Creek, GC1WHCY) located just a couple of miles from my office.  Why not make a quick lunchtime run to visit the cache location, get the info I need to log the cache, take a couple of photos and maybe even find another nearby traditional cache (A Buckhead Break, GC5Q4FH) in a little park a few hundred feet away.

And so it begins…

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3 Responses to The Great Georgia Earth Cache Quest

  1. Clare says:

    Yay! you’ve started. I just googled how big Georgia is, oh my! What a task you have ahead of you.

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  2. mrbream says:

    Its definitely going to be a challenge. Glad I didn’t set a time limit! Lots of driving, a good bit of hiking, some camping and hopefully some good times spent with friends and family.

    Liked by 1 person

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